Hyundai Creta driven by woman who doesn’t know how to shift gears crashes into brand new Volkswagen Virtus

Getting a driving license is often a challenging task in many countries. However, in India, there is jugaad for almost everything, and people get things done the way they want. The same applies to driving licenses, where middlemen are present at almost every Regional Transport Office (RTO). They take money from the applicant and help them obtain a driving license without proper tests. This is a serious issue because many applicants do not actually know how to drive a car or a bike, and when they get on the road, they often cause accidents.Here, we have a video from Uttar Pradesh depicting such a situation. A woman driving a Hyundai Creta crashed into a brand new Volkswagen Virtus sedan.

The video was shared by the owner of the Volkswagen Virtus, who follows the vlogger online. The owner describes the situation in the email he wrote to the vlogger. The accident occurred somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. According to the Virtus owner, he was taking a U-turn in his sedan when a previous-generation Hyundai Creta, driven by a woman, came and crashed into his sedan. It was a minor accident; however, the owner was extremely sad because he had only bought the car a month ago.

When he got out of the car, he was in for a shock, as the person driving the car was a woman who didn’t even know how to shift gears. In the video, we can see her struggling with the gear lever. She was too confused and struggled to put the car in reverse gear. Another person can be seen sitting in the co-passenger seat with the woman. After several failed attempts to shift gears, the co-passenger can be seen helping her put the car in reverse. It looks like she was not able to move the car, so the co-passenger finally got out, sat in the driver’s seat, and drove the car.

Woman crashes Creta into Virtus

We can see a Learner’s badge or sticker on the rear windscreen of the Creta; however, the woman driving the car actually had a valid driving license issued to her back in 2014. This is what makes the jugaad situation mentioned above dangerous. Authorities have issued a license to a person who doesn’t even know how to shift gears. The owner of the Virtus also mentions that the woman driving the Creta claimed that she is a Deputy Superintendent of Police.

This clearly shows that she was claiming to be a person who has influence in the system. She might have used her influence in the past to get the driving license. The Hyundai Creta had crashed into the left side fender of the sedan. The sedan’s bumper and fender look damaged. Driving is a responsible task, and by issuing licenses without proper tests, authorities are actually putting the lives of other road users at risk. The woman driving the Creta was a risk to the people on the road as she doesn’t know how to control the car properly. She can cause accidents and is even a threat to the lives of other innocent road users. If she was learning how to drive, she should have ideally done that in a private ground of driving school ground to avoid such accidents.

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