How to Unclog a Sink in 7 Easy Steps

Assuming you can fit a plunger into the bathroom sink in such a way that you can form a seal, go ahead and form that seal. Run the water to submerge the plunger, then pump away and see if the clog dislodges.

Step 5: Try a drain snake

Many bathroom sinks simply won’t accommodate a drain snake based on their narrow shape and the hardware that works the stopper. If a snake does not feed into the first few inches of the drain with relative ease, don’t force it.

Step 6: Remove the P-trap

Like the kitchen sink, removing the P-trap can make it easier to access and remove clogs.

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Your bathroom sink has a P-trap just like the kitchen sink. Unscrew it and look for the clog, which may be in the curved P-trap (which will be installed just like it is under the kitchen sink) or may be just before or after it. Clear it with a wire coat hanger if you find it.

Step 7: Snake the wall

If the clog is not between the sink and the P-trap, go ahead and try to snake the pipes leading off into the wall. If you can’t get things cleared that way, the issue is farther down still and may well be out of your hands. At this point, call a plumber.

Can I use a chemical drain cleaner to unclog my sink?

Chemical drain cleaners can indeed punch through many clogs with aplomb, but they also damage the very pipes they are meant to serve. It’s generally best to avoid their use, or to make them a seldom used last resort. Well, next to last resort, as a call to a professional is always the final move.

How do you unblock a sink drain naturally?

Read through the first few steps mentioned above to learn how to unclog a sink naturally without any harsh chemicals or special tools. The long and short of natural drain unclogging (and proper drain cleaning even without clogs involved) is to use boiling water and a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

What will unclog a drain fast?

If the natural approach of boiling water and/or vinegar and baking soda doesn’t unclog your drain, the next step to try is a plunger. This can quickly dislodge a clog thanks to the suction and pressure that the plunger creates.

What is the quickest way to unblock a drain?

The fastest way to unblock a drain is, ironically, to be methodical about things. Go through the steps as outlined above, because they are laid out in the order of ease. There may be no need to grab a drain snake and start disassembling pipes when just a good pot full of hot water would have cleared that drain. Try each step, then quickly move on until you have success.

What is the safest way to unclog a drain?

The safest way to unclog a drain is to follow the steps laid out here, stopping if you ever feel you are out of your depth. Sure, anyone can dump hot water and basic household ingredients down a blocked drain, but if you don’t feel comfortable using power tools or taking apart pipes, don’t do it! (And if you do proceed to more advanced steps, wear rubber gloves while you work.) Most plumbers can take care of a clogged drain for less than $100.

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