How to Level Up Your Home Storage

The snowstorms and frigid temperatures may fool you, but it’s nearly time for spring cleaning and the annual tradition of decluttering. Every year, no matter how minimalist we may strive to be, it seems like standard closets and cabinets simply cannot contain all of our belongings—even the ones that spark joy! We need more home storage now than what the average space has to offer.

If you, like us, find yourself desperate for better home storage solutions, you’re in luck. We spoke with four AD PRO Directory designers who shared their best home storage and organization tips. From maximizing your entryway with a storage bench to building out a fashion-magazine-worthy closet, these designer-approved ideas are guaranteed to level up the storage in your home. Keep scrolling for the expert advice.

“We believe in creating refined spaces through clean lines and concealed storage that not only elevate the visual harmony of the space, but also align with our holistic lifestyle approach,” Zung says.

Build a storage bench in the entryway

For Tommy Zung of New York City–based architecture firm Studio Zung, the key to adding storage is focusing on “overlooked spaces, such as entryways and thresholds, and incorporating bespoke furniture pieces with discreet storage options that are seamlessly integrated within the overall design language.”

For example, the elevator entryway of Zung’s Maison Duane project features a custom European oak bench with cupboards subtly included in the base. With the graphic wood grain, rounded silhouette, and slatted screen, the cabinets are barely noticeable. “This not only provides a serene seating area, but also serves as a graceful transition from the outside into the home,” he explains. “The additional storage complements the beautifully crafted millwork.”

“A clutterfree environment fosters a sense of calm and balance elevating our daily lives and inspiring us to shift our...

“A clutter-free environment fosters a sense of calm and balance, elevating our daily lives and inspiring us to shift our focus on the things that really matter,” Zung explains.

Use shelves to back a banquette

Zung’s clever storage seating designs aren’t limited to the entryway—they extend to the kitchen too. For his Maison Crosby project, he conceived of a large U-shaped banquette with dark caramel-toned Edelman leather upholstery and a rich American walnut frame that’s equipped with open shelves on the reverse. “[It was] designed with storage capabilities in mind,” he explains. It’s certainly an accessible way to keep favorite glassware and china at hand, but it can also be a place to show off shapely objets, family photos, or other fun props without cluttering surfaces.

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