How to extract the best mileage from the Innova HyCross Hybrid MPV: Toyota’s tips [Video]

India, a country where the majority of car buyers prioritize fuel economy, places significant importance on a vehicle’s mileage when making purchasing decisions. Consequently, it becomes crucial to understand how to efficiently drive a vehicle to maximize fuel efficiency. Recently, Toyota Kirloskar Motor shared a video on their YouTube channel, shedding light on the mechanics behind their new hybrid MPV, the Innova Hycross, and offering insights on how to optimize its mileage. The video provides a wealth of practical tips for individuals seeking to enhance their car’s fuel economy.

The video commences by underscoring a pivotal aspect of driving: safety. Toyota’s official channel emphasizes fundamental safety practices, such as wearing seat belts, adhering to traffic rules, and showing respect for pedestrians and fellow drivers. These practices serve as the bedrock for the subsequent focus on mileage improvement.

Moving forward, the video delves into the core mechanics and operations of the hybrid MPV, Innova Hycross. It elucidates the functionality of the vehicle’s essential components. The video reveals that the Innova Hycross functions similarly to a conventional vehicle, comprising a gasoline-powered engine alongside an intelligent power-splitting mechanism and a high-voltage battery. A symbiotic relationship between the engine and motor is orchestrated by a sophisticated control unit, ensuring optimal performance. The video offers a comprehensive breakdown of the entire hybrid system employed by the Innova Hycross.

Toyota Innova Hycross

Before delving into the mileage-boosting tips, the video highlights one of Toyota’s standout hybrid technologies: regenerative braking. According to the video, this innovative system acts as a generator, converting wheel rotation into electrical energy upon releasing the accelerator pedal. This generated energy is stored in the high-voltage battery, ultimately contributing to enhanced mileage. It’s akin to harnessing the vehicle’s kinetic energy to propel it further with every stop.

How to increase the mileage of your car?

Subsequently, following an extensive explanation of the Innova Hycross and its operations, the video proceeds to present tips for augmenting the fuel economy of this hybrid MPV.

Eco Mode Optimization

The video’s initial suggestion revolves around utilizing the Eco mode among the three available drive modes in the Innova Hycross. Employing the Eco mode ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration, fostering energy conservation and subsequently amplifying fuel efficiency.

Embrace Gradual Braking

The video goes on to advocate for a gentle, gradual braking approach. This practice not only prolongs the lifespan of the brakes but also capitalizes on regenerative braking. The process converts the energy generated during braking into electrical energy, which can be stored and reused, thereby contributing to increased mileage.

Lighten the Load

Perhaps surprisingly, the video proposes unloading unnecessary baggage from the vehicle to improve mileage. The video reasons that a heavier load demands more power, consequently leading to increased fuel consumption.

Tire Pressure Matters

A straightforward yet effective tip presented in the video is to maintain tire pressure in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This simple practice reduces rolling resistance, resulting in better fuel efficiency.

Smart Electrical Load Management

The video further suggests that when driving with fewer passengers or alone, turning off electrical loads like the co-driver seat blower or rear air conditioner when not in use can positively impact mileage. This prudent practice alleviates strain on the engine and battery.

Air Conditioner Temperance

The video emphasizes the importance of adjusting the air conditioner settings based on weather conditions. By avoiding overloading the air conditioner, drivers can mitigate the increased electrical load, which otherwise adversely affects fuel efficiency.

Smooth Acceleration and Deceleration

Avoiding sudden and aggressive acceleration or deceleration is highlighted as a crucial practice. The video asserts that maintaining smooth driving patterns optimizes energy utilization and consequently leads to improved mileage.

Gear Lever Intelligence

Another noteworthy tip is to select the “P” position during traffic signals instead of “N.” Additionally, Hycross owners are advised to use “D” for standard driving and “B” for enhanced regenerative braking.

Make Use of the Trip Computer

Lastly, the video underscores the value of the vehicle’s combination meter as a tool for monitoring driving habits. Resetting trip averages, tank averages, and total averages facilitates tracking progress and evaluating the effectiveness of implemented changes.

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