How This 2011 Student Film Became Gen Z's Rosetta Stone for the Incel Mindset

My mom was obsessed with watching 20/20 documentaries on ABC, and I vividly remember the Elliot Rodger episode. These guys reminded me a lot of him.

Elliot Rodger is the first one I think that broke mainstream, but there’s been a lot of misogyny-based incel shootings way before. In the ‘70s there was a guy who was pissed off because women could now go to a technical school. He told all the men to leave and shot all the women.

On the Love Shy forum, they were obsessed with this guy named George Sodini. He shot up a Curves gym, killing a bunch of women. They were a small faction of the group, but they idolized him. There was this guy in the documentary, this Croatian dude who wanted government-issued girlfriends. He was trying to start an incel revolution, and it was basically like, If you don’t give us this government and issue girlfriends, there will be blood in the streets.

That thread has always been there, but the majority of the incels were not cool with that. Lonely, isolated men who are having trouble with romance usually also don’t have friends. That’s the other thing. It’s not just that they solely commit acts of violence in the name of women who don’t want to have sex with them. It’s always more complicated. It’s been going on for much longer than Elliot Rodger.

It’s also really fascinating because a lot of them talk about wanting to feminize their faces.

A lot of it is really eugenics. Basically, they were like, What’s wrong with us? They split into looks versus personality factions. If you’re going to focus on your looks, then you basically devolve into pseudo-race science. And then they’re like, Which features are most attractive? And then they pull from Asians and the canthal tilt thing. Advanced was convinced that Asians are the most superior physically. He actually moved to China to get a girlfriend, by the way.


Yeah, the updates are very strange. A couple of years ago, someone reached out to me and I guess they’d seen Advanced in Shy Boys and were like, I worked with that guy. I guess his dream was always to move to China. He had this idea that Chinese women are more submissive and docile. And then the urban white trash guy, the pickup-artist dude, eventually did get a girlfriend for a little bit. He called me all excited, and he was like, “She was long hair, she was big tits…”

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