How a TTA FlexSorter Is Helping the Growing Team at Walters Gardens (Video)

Earlier this fall, I took a drive up to Zeeland, MI, to visit Walters Gardens. Walters Gardens has proven itself to be one of the industry leaders in perennials, combining an experienced team with innovative ideas.  

Several growers took me on a tour of the greenhouses, including Drew Koschmann, who won Greenhouse Grower’s 2023 Medal of Excellence Head Grower of the Year Award. 

One of the most interesting sights during the tour was TTA’s FlexSorter. Walters Gardens invested in this piece of equipment last year, and has found major efficiencies with its performance. The FlexSorter is an automatic selecting line that grades and transplants young plants based on their size. If the machine detects soil with no plant, it removes those from the batch before sorting the remaining plants into trays. 

Check out the video below to watch the TTA FlexSorter in action at Walters Gardens

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