House Speaker Johnson predicts 'bipartisan agreement' on two-step government funding plan

House Speaker Mike Johnson: I think we'll have 'bipartisan agreement' on two-step funding plan

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Mike Johnson said he expects to win bipartisan backing Tuesday for his “laddered” continuing resolution to fund the government, potentially giving the Senate enough time to pass the bill after the House and avoid a government shutdown set to begin late Friday night.

“In about an hour, I’ll go in with all the House Republicans, and [Minority Leader Rep.] Hakeem Jeffries will go meet with all the Democrats, and we’ll figure out the final numbers,” Johnson told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

Johnson said he did not yet know how much support he would receive from within his own party, where more than a half-dozen members have already said they would oppose the plan in a floor vote.

In order to pass the bill, Johnson can only risk losing three party votes. At least eight Republicans in the House have come out against the plan, but Democrats who were formerly opposed to the measure signaled support as recently as Monday.

“I’m not going to make a judgment on what I’d veto and what I’d sign. Let’s see what they come up with,” President Joe Biden told reporters on Monday, according to NBC News.

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