Honda Elevate vs Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo compact SUVs compared [Video]

One of the newest and most popular contenders in the compact SUV segment in India is the brand-new Honda Elevate. This SUV, since its launch, has created a huge buzz in the market and is attracting a ton of buyers. Recently, this new mid-size SUV was compared with another popular SUV from the segment – Skoda Kushaq. The comparison video of both cars highlights the key differences between the two models and shows what each SUV has to offer.

The video of this in-depth walkaround and comparison of the Honda Elevate vs. Skoda Kushaq has come courtesy of Torqued from YouTube. It starts with the presenter giving a brief introduction of both cars. He mentions that the Honda Elevate is the top-spec variant of the manual powertrain option, while the Skoda Kushaq is the Monte Carlo Edition, the top-of-the-line model with an automatic transmission.

Exterior Comparison


After the introduction, the presenter starts with the front comparison of the two SUVs. He begins by showing the fascia of the Elevate, mentioning that it comes with a massive single strip of chrome that runs across the front on top of the headlights and the grille. Apart from that, it does not have any chrome on the front. Next, he states that it also comes with all-LED headlights and fog lights, and overall, the front, with its flat bonnet, looks very bold and muscular, offering a much larger SUV appearance.

Next, he shows the front-end design of the Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo Edition. He mentions that this SUV, on the other hand, comes with black chrome elements on its butterfly grille and lower front section and gets no chrome. He adds that the main headlights are LED on the Kushaq, but the indicator lights are halogens. He also mentions that the Kushaq looks a lot sportier and more aggressive than the Elevate.


Honda Elevate vs Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo compact SUVs compared [Video]

After the front, the presenter shows the side profiles of both SUVs. He states that on paper and in real life, the Honda Elevate looks much larger. The overall dimensions of the Elevate are much larger than the Kushaq, offering a more impressive road presence. On the side, both SUVs have 17-inch alloy wheels, but the tire size on the Elevate is bigger than on the Kushaq. The ground clearance on the Honda Elevate is 220 mm, while on the Kushaq, it is 188 mm.


Honda Elevate vs Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo compact SUVs compared [Video]

Following this, the presenter shows the rear end of the Skoda Kushaq and Honda Elevate. Both mid-size SUVs come equipped with LED taillights in the rear; however, both of them have halogen bulbs for reverse lights and indicators. Apart from the major difference that can be noted is the size of the SUVs. Both cars also come equipped with rear wipers and washers, along with defoggers.

Interior Comfort and Features

Next, the presenter first takes a seat inside the Skoda Kushaq and talks about the interior fit and finish, features, and overall feel. He mentions that the Kushaq has premium interior materials; however, there are still some hard plastics around the dashboard. The overall seat comfort in the front and rear is optimal, but it feels a little cramped due to its smaller overall dimensions. He adds that in terms of technology, it comes loaded with features like a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system and other amenities.

Following this, he takes a seat inside the Honda Elevate and gives his opinions. He mentions that immediately the interior of the Elevate feels a lot roomier and more open. He adds that it also has a beautiful leather-wrapped dashboard, and overall materials feel very premium. Next, he mentions that the seat comfort is also very good. Lastly, the feature list on the new Honda Elevate is very similar to the Kushaq and gets almost all of the same features, except for a few.

Driving Dynamics

Honda Elevate vs Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo compact SUVs compared [Video]

The presenter first takes the Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo Edition for a spin. He mentions that owing to its smaller dimensions, it feels a lot more agile. He adds that the 1.0-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine feels very punchy. Next, he drives the Honda Elevate and adds that it feels a little slower and has more overall cabin noise. However, it feels much larger and offers a more SUV-like driving feel. It drives with great stability and seems very planted on the road. The 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine also feels very smooth, adds the presenter.

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