Honda Activa rider turns without checking rear view mirror: Gets hit by a bus [Video]

When big commercial vehicles, such as buses and trucks, travel on small single-lane roads with two-wheelers, it becomes a recipe for disaster. What happens is that the drivers of the bigger vehicles are often in a rush, and the two-wheeler riders maneuver as if the entire road is empty. In some cases, these two vehicles collide, causing a huge drama. A prime example of such a situation recently took place in Kerala, and a video of it was shared online.

Idiot Activa rider crashes with a bus

The video of this particular accident was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Roads of Mumbai on their page. In the video, a bus full of passengers, equipped with a dashcam, is seen riding normally on a single-lane road. The video then shows the bus taking a turn on the road at the same speed. Proceeding in the video, two men sitting on a Honda Activa on the left side of the road come directly in front of the bus without even once looking at the rear-view mirror. The rider of the Activa did not even turn back to check for incoming vehicles.

Soon after this, the main disaster happens, and despite the bus driver applying the brakes with full force, the Activa rider and his passenger crash into the bus. From the video, it can be noted that the rider and the person sitting behind get thrown out of their Activa, landing with extreme force on the road. Both of them can be seen agonizing in pain. Thankfully, they did not get crushed by another bus coming from a different direction. After the accident, a ton of people immediately gather around the two-wheeler rider and passenger to check up on them.

The importance of a rearview mirror

Honda Activa rider turns without checking rear view mirror: Gets hit by a bus [Video]

From this video, it can be easily understood why having a rearview mirror on any automobile is so important. Had the rider taken a glance at the rearview mirror before mindlessly turning on the road, this accident could have been avoided. In the video, the rider of the Activa also did not turn his head once to look at the incoming traffic, which was also very careless of him. Everyone should be aware of their surroundings and always check the rearview mirrors for incoming traffic. People who remove their rearview mirrors should never do that to avoid such accidents.

Dashcams are also important!

Honda Activa rider turns without checking rear view mirror: Gets hit by a bus [Video]

Another important thing to note from this video is that having a dashcam in your vehicle is another very important thing. Many times, the cases of the non-guilty people become weak because of the lack of proper evidence. However, having a dashcam solves this problem and shows the actual cause of the accident. The driver of this bus, for instance, can be noted to have no fault in this accident. Nowadays, more and more automakers are starting to offer this safety feature with their vehicles from the factory.


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