Highlights From Greenhouse Grower’s September 2023 Issue

From a closer look at Greenhouse Grower’s 2023 Operation of the Year to sanitation and food safety in greenhouse vegetables, there was a lot of information to cover in Greenhouse Grower’s September 2023 issue. Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the top stories (links to each story are included in the photo gallery and below).

Cover Story: How Quality Greenhouses Lives Up to Its Name

Quality Greenhouses and Perennial Farm, Greenhouse Grower’s 2023 Medal of Excellence Winner for Operation of the Year, is defined by its resiliency, variety, compassion, and smart approach to innovation.

Take a Virtual Tour of Quality Greenhouses and Perennial Farm

Learn why Quality Greenhouses is proud of how they have streamlined production practices.

80 Acres Farms Opens New Facility in Kentucky

Sanitation Tips for Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

Knowing the chemistry of your sanitizing agents keeps pathogens out of your greenhouse.

How Mineral Nutrition Impacts Indoor-Grown Radishes

Research at Iowa State University reveals the best nutrition levels for controlled-environment radish production.

A Quick Look at Annual Salvias With Dr. Allan Armitage

Salvias are one of the most popular plants for the nursery and greenhouse grower.

Computer Imaging For Early Detection of Greenhouse Diseases

Automation and artificial intelligence help growers stay ahead of diseases.

Are You Doing Enough to Minimize Food Safety Risks in Your Greenhouse?

Many food safety risk factors in controlled-environment agriculture are more controllable than those in open-field farms, but that doesn’t mean those risks aren’t present.

Reflections on Cultivate, and the Value of Showing Up

Upon returning from her first Cultivate experience, Greenhouse Grower Editor Wendy Probst reflects on why “just showing up” is an essential factor in this vast industry.

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