Hero Splendor rider jumps motorcycle over 5 bikes [video]

Hero is the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. Their Splendor, one of the oldest models still in production, was initially launched in 1994. Over the years, we have seen several iterations of the same model. It holds significant popularity in the commuter motorcycle segment and is renowned for its exceptional fuel efficiency. Although it’s not a motorcycle typically chosen for performing stunts, there are still many individuals who engage in such feats with these motorcycles. Here, we present a video featuring a Hero Splendor rider who successfully jumped the bike over five parked bikes.

The video has been shared by Mustu Rider on their Instagram page. We’ve recently witnessed a trend among youngsters who perform stunts to create viral videos. This instance is no exception. The video was recorded away from public roads, in what appears to be a location with several sand dunes. Five motorcycles were positioned atop one of these dunes. The biker on the Splendor approaches the slope at high speed. Due to Splendor’s lightweight nature, achieving liftoff takes minimal time. The rider seems highly proficient, indicating extensive experience in executing this maneuver.

Upon jumping, the motorcycle becomes airborne, soaring to a considerable height before touching down on the opposite side of the dune. Notably, none of the parked motorcycles posed obstacles as the Splendor sailed over them. The rider skillfully lands the motorcycle on its wheels, albeit with some damage to the bike’s tail lamps. The spectacle is reminiscent of a scene from an action movie, wherein the lead actor jumps a bike over the villain’s cars. While captivating, this stunt involves substantial risks.

Hero Splendor stunt

Foremost among these risks is the potential for injury. The rider is conspicuously devoid of any protective gear, including a riding helmet. A loss of control could lead to a fall onto the ground or collision with the bike or terrain, risking severe head injuries. Although the landing initially appears smooth, closer inspection reveals that the front wheel makes initial contact with the ground, followed by the rear wheels. This sequence could easily result in injuries, including damage to the spine due to the abrupt shock experienced upon landing.

While the rider executes the stunt with finesse, improvements are needed in refining the landing technique. Additionally, practicing this stunt with proper safety gear is imperative for the rider’s well-being. The choice of motorcycle for this stunt is also concerning. Using a stock Splendor for such extreme stunts exposes the bike to significant strain. Potential repercussions include damage to wheels, frame, panels, and suspension components. We commend the rider for avoiding public roads for this stunt. However, we strongly say to our readers that attempting such stunts is highly discouraged. In the past we have come across several videos where such stunts have actually gone wrong and people have crashed the bikes and got injured themselves and also created inconvenience to other road users. In this case, the rider was lucky enough to have escaped without any injuries.

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