Heavily modified Honda Civic without registration number travels from Karnataka to Kerala: Fined over Rs. 1 lakh [Video]

Vehicle modification is completely illegal in India. We have seen many examples in the past where people have actually gotten into trouble for modifying their vehicles. Most of these cases have been reported from Kerala, where people extensively modify their vehicles and have been caught by MVD officials. One such report now comes from Kerala’s Kochi, where a heavily modified Honda Civic sedan without any registration number managed to travel from Karnataka to Kerala. The car was caught by the police in Kochi, and the owner was fined a whopping Rs 1.03 lakh.

The video has been shared by 24 News on their YouTube channel. In this video, we see a heavily modified Honda Civic sedan finished in Magenta color. The car does not have any registration plate or proper documents. The owner of the car drove the car from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu and then entered Kerala. The car crossed state border check posts and several surveillance cameras on the road without getting caught.

The police officers who stopped the vehicle at Fort Kochi, Kerala, were actually surprised to see a car from Karnataka without any registration or proper paperwork. The Kerala police keeps an eye out for modified vehicles on the road. This Honda Civic must have drawn their attention due to its bright paint job. The car has aftermarket tail lamps, a huge spoiler, aftermarket exhaust, body kits, and so on.

The cops, after inspecting the car, issued a fine of Rs 1,03,300 against the vehicle. The vehicle was taken into police custody. The exact details of the fine are not available at the moment. The car was actually caught in August. The owner of the car was from Karnataka, but the exact details regarding the owner are also not known. The owner recently returned to Kerala with proper documents and presented them in front of the officers. The owner then paid the fine and took the car back. We have come across several cases where stolen vehicles have crossed borders with fake registration plates; however, this is the first time we have come across an incident where a car has actually crossed two state borders, and the cops did not notice it at any point.

The registration number of a car is actually very important. This helps authorities differentiate a particular car from others. The unique combination of numbers and alphabets is compulsory, and one must not drive a vehicle on the road without a registration number. If this Honda Civic were involved in a hit-and-run case or an accident, tracing the vehicle would have been almost impossible, as there was no registration or other details available. The Indian government has introduced the High-Security Registration Plate or HSRP. Vehicles without these high-security plates receive challans. These registration plates are tamper-proof and are attached to the vehicle using a single-use bolt that cannot be opened again.

Coming back to the Honda Civic, it is not clear why the owner drove the car to Kerala from Karnataka. The report also fails to mention the exact sections under which the car was fined this substantial amount. The Honda Civic is an extremely popular car among modifiers in India and around the world. We have seen several extraordinary-looking examples from different parts of India in the past.

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