Hailey Bieber Swears By These Ultra-Classic Nike Kicks

One of the last gasps of the late-summer news cycle was the great celebrity couple styling clash of 2023—the ludicrously pronounced contrast in outfits between Hailey Bieber and husband Justin Bieber when they were photographed together attending the launch of her Rhode strawberry peptide lip treatment in New York City. The internet was aghast to see the Biebs in gray sweats and Crocs while his wife donned a little red dress and stilettos, a manufactured outrage that Hailey addressed with good humor in her recent GQ Hype cover story, declaring it funny that “so many people talk about it.”

To judge from the discourse, you’d think Hailey lived in formalwear while her husband slummed it in athleisure, the court jester to her haute couture Queen. But over the years she’s proven herself to have a handle on a far broader range of fashion than simply runway ready style, and when she’s not heading to premier launch events or Met Gala red carpets, she’s clearly as comfortable as Justin in a simple but stylish pair of sneakers. In fact, Hailey Bieber has made it very clear in outfit after outfit that she’s mastered the art of pairing casual running shoes with every kind of outfit you can think of, and she’s done it in one sneaker line more than any other: Nike’s legendary Air Max series.


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