Gujarat man wraps his Jaguar XF in G20 colors to raise awareness for G20 Summit

India has become the first South Asian country to host what is arguably one of the world’s most important events – The G20 Summit. Leaders from 19 countries and the European Union will be attending this extremely important economic event in India, which will be held in New Delhi, the capital of our country. The G20 is of great significance, and every Indian should be aware of it. And to help in doing exactly this, recently, a man from Gujarat wrapped his Jaguar XF in the colors of the G20 Summit. The man then drove his car all the way from Gujarat to Delhi. The owner stated that he aims to raise awareness about this important economic event happening in India.

The owner of the Jaguar XF, wrapped in the colors of the G20 Summit, while talking to the media, stated, “It is a proud moment for us and India that India is hosting the G20 this year; my simple message through my car is that people know the importance of the country.” Additionally, his friend, Maulik Jani, in support of Doshi, stated, “Last year we decorated our car in Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav to celebrate the 75th year of independence; this time we have wrapped our car in G20 colors for an awareness message, and we are getting good responses from people.”

The man who owns this Jaguar XF, as mentioned above, is gentleman Siddharth Doshi. He is a businessman by profession and claims to be one of the biggest fans of our country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Doshi revealed that in order to celebrate the proud moment of India becoming the president of the G20 group for 2023, he went ahead and got his Jaguar XF sedan wrapped in the tricolours of the Indian national flag – Saffron, White, and Green.

Gujarat man wraps his Jaguar XF in G20 colors to raise awareness for G20 Summit

From the pictures, it can be noted that Doshi’s Jaguar XF luxury sedan has been wrapped in three parts signifying the Indian tricolor flag. The front portion of his sedan, which includes the bonnet, front bumper, and front fenders, is wrapped in the Saffron color. After this, his car’s original white color makes up the middle portion of the car and the white part of the national flag.

After the white part, the car from the rear door onwards is wrapped in the green color of the national flag. The entire wrap on Doshi’s Jaguar XF luxury sedan is finished in matte finish and looks very beautiful. The businessman has also added the sticker of the official logo of the G20 Summit on the side of his car on the rear doors. Additionally, the same sticker has also been added to the bonnet of the car in order to increase awareness.

Previous wrap

Gujarat man wraps his Jaguar XF in G20 colors to raise awareness for G20 Summit
Previous wrap during 75th Independence day

Siddharth Doshi is the same gentleman who back in August 2022 wrapped this same Jaguar XF luxury sedan in the tricolor to commemorate the occasion of the 75th Independence Day anniversary. At the time, Doshi also stated that he has wrapped his car in a tricolor-themed wrap to promote the Central Government’s ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ campaign.

As for the car underneath the wrap, it is the Jaguar XF luxury sedan. This sedan in India competes with the Mercedes Benz E-Class and the BMW 5 Series. Doshi’s Jaguar XF is the Prestige variant of the sedan. This sedan comes powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine. This engine is one of the commonly used diesel engines in Jaguar-Land Rover’s India lineup. This engine in the XF sedan produces a maximum power output of 180 PS and a peak torque output of 430 Nm.

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