Govt earns 18 lakhs each time someone buys a Toyota Fortuner SUV [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner is, hands down, the most popular full-size SUV in India. This SUV sells like hotcakes in the country, and no matter what the price hike, its sales just don’t seem to slow down. However, when looking through the price of this SUV, have you ever wondered where this money actually goes? Have you ever wondered who actually pockets this extraordinary price tag commanded by this SUV? Well, you’d be surprised to know that it isn’t Toyota or its dealers that are making a ton of money with the sale of each Fortuner. Instead, it is our Indian government that gets the biggest share.

Yes, you heard this right. The manufacturer of this SUV, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, is not the one who makes the most amount of money on the Fortuner. Neither are the dealers of the Toyota brand that make the most amount of money with the sale of the Fortuner. Rather, the Indian government is the one who makes a mind-blowing amount of money because of its excessively high taxations. The entire breakdown of the Toyota Fortuner’s cost was recently explained by Anvit Tyagi on their Instagram page.

The creator of the video starts off by mentioning that the real cost of manufacturing the Fortuner will blow everyone’s mind. He then states the exact same thing that was said in the previous paragraph. He then explains that since the Toyota Fortuner is more than 4 meters long, measuring in at 4.7 meters, and it also has a 2.8-liter engine, the government first levies a GST of 28%, then it adds another 22% as CESS.

The presenter then mentions that the actual cost of the car is only Rs 26.67 lakh. He then states that adding a GST of 28% on the car brings its cost up to Rs 34,13,760. After this, the presenter adds the 22% CESS, which now brings the cost of the Fortuner to Rs 41,64,787. He then follows that the government does not stop there, and after this, the government adds registration, and there is also something called the Green Cess, which it adds as well. All of this brings the total cost of the Toyota Fortuner to Rs 44,27,000.

Lastly, he adds that the funniest part about this whole situation is still pending. He adds that the funny part is after the collection of Rs 18 lakh on the Fortuner alone, Toyota, the manufacturer of this SUV, is only left with Rs 45,000-50,000. He adds that this is not an actual figure but it has been speculated by a ton of other analysts. It has also been speculated that the Toyota dealerships earn around Rs 1,00,000 on average with the sale of each Fortuner.

2024 Toyota Fortuner Hybrid

Govt earns 18 lakhs each time someone buys a Toyota Fortuner SUV [Video]

In other Toyota Fortuner news, recently, a few pictures of what is believed to be the next generation of the Toyota Fortuner were leaked online. From the recently leaked images of the forthcoming Fortuner, it was noted that the forthcoming SUV will boast a refreshed front profile inspired by the popular Tacoma pickup truck. The new design will feature a larger grille, new headlights, and a revised bumper, giving the SUV a bold and aggressive appearance. While the rear changes are yet to be seen, speculations suggest new taillights might be part of the redesign.

The leaked pictures did not show the cabin of the upcoming Fortuner; however, it is speculated that the 2024 Toyota Fortuner is expected to undergo a complete overhaul, incorporating modern features and catering to the demands of today’s drivers. Another one of the most notable additions to the interior of the Toyota Fortuner has been reported to be an all-new electric sunroof, adding a touch of luxury to the SUV. Now whether this sunroof will be a panoramic unit or a single pane is not known.

Lastly, another one of the most exciting developments on the upcoming Fortuner is the potential introduction of a mild-hybrid diesel engine. Toyota aims to enhance the Fortuner’s fuel efficiency and environmental performance by integrating a 48V battery and an electric motor generator into the existing 2.8-liter diesel engine, similar to the setup seen in the popular Toyota MPV, the Innova Hycross.

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