Girl nearly gets crushed by school bus: Cops ask parents to teach children [Video]

Road safety in India remains a topic of low interest. Here’s an example involving a child who narrowly avoids being crushed by a turning bus. She attempted to cross the road behind another school bus, obstructing her view. Here’s what transpired.

The incident was captured on a CCTV camera. It shows the child running along the road and then attempting to cross it from behind a bus. This concealed her from the view of another bus driver making a turn. As the bus driver couldn’t see if anyone was about to cross the road, the child recognized the danger.

She promptly retreated and dashed past the bus. Although she may not have fully grasped the potential danger, a bystander who witnessed the entire incident was left in shock and amazement. He was seen raising his arms in disbelief.

Police asked parents to teach children

The Cyberabad police who have shared the video have urged the parents to teach children to not cross the road behind the blocked view of heavy vehicles.

One should always get a clear view of the road and check the traffic on both sides before crossing the road. While the child nearly escaped the accident, it could have turned out to be fatal.

Another video from a few years ago shows a similar incident. The video became viral globally and shows a child running across the road from behind a school bus.

As you can see in this video, a group of students disembark from a bus, and two of them, without paying attention to an approaching trailer truck, hastily dart across the road. In contrast, Volvo’s emergency braking system engages and halts the massive truck within inches of the child. There’s no drama, no swerving, just a sudden stop in the shortest distance possible. This incident demonstrates the effectiveness of emergency braking technology, potentially saving a young life.

Unfortunately, such technology is not yet available on heavy vehicles in India. In these situations, it’s crucial to exercise caution and remain vigilant. The police have urged parents to ensure that their children do not run across streets behind large vehicles. Emphasizing road safety education in schools could play a vital role in preventing such incidents.

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