Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper Dating Rumors, Explained

Though Gigi Hadid’s rumored fling with Leonardo DiCaprio fizzled out (he’s since been linked to Hadid’s fellow cat walker, Vittoria Ceretti), she may have sparked something new with another A-list actor. On October 6th, The Daily Mail spotted Hadid dining with Bradley Cooper at New York City restaurant Via Carota before they left the venue in the same car.

While the outing could have merely been platonic, it appears things are heating up between the rumored couple. On October 9th, the pair were spotted returning to New York City in the same car after an apparent weekend away together.

Although things seem relatively new, the pair each have quite an extensive dating history that has some overlap. Hadid, who shares a three-year-old daughter with ex Zayn Malik, was most recently linked to DiCaprio who happens to be a close friend of her alleged fling. Cooper, of course, shares a daughter with model and ex-wife Irina Shayk—and as early as last year, it was reported that the actor was looking to get back with Shayk (who reportedly felt the same). The 48-year-old was briefly linked to actress Diana Agron as well as political staffer Huma Abedein in 2022.

Though the rumored relationship is fairly new (and who knows where it will go), here’s everything we know about the alleged romance between Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper, below.

How did Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper meet?

While it is unclear exactly how Hadid and Cooper were introduced, it is likely they were introduced at some sort high-profile event given their overlapping social circles. Cooper and Hadid’s most recent ex, DiCaprio, have been friends for quite some time now—earlier this year, the Titanic star was spotted with Cooper’s ex Shayk, though sources claimed things were strictly platonic.

How long have they been together?

Although no timeline has been attributed to things just yet, it looks like Hadid and Cooper’s rumored relationship is in the early stages—with their early October appearance being their first public outing together.

Is it serious?

It is too early to tell how things will progress—however, there have been conflicting reports pertaining to both Hadid and Cooper’s current outlooks on relationships in general. Per Us, Hadid was rather uninterested in pursuing a relationship amidst the DiCaprio rumors. “They respect each other and have fun when they’re together, but it’s not the type of situation Gigi would settle down for,” the insider said. “She’s more than happy living the single life and focusing on her daughter and her career.”

Cooper, on the other hand, was looking to build his family with Shayk as recently as last year according to sources. “He is on board to expand their family,” they told Page Six. “They are trying to get pregnant. Bradley seems to have a European laissez-faire attitude towards the institution.”

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