Gavin Rubinstein – Keep, stop, start 2024

The real estate industry may traditionally slow down over Christmas and the New Year, but that doesn’t mean the team at The Rubinstein Group does the same.

According to Founder Gavin Rubinstein, they start the year at a sprint, not a walk.

Here, Gavin reveals what he wants to do to improve his business this year, existing strengths he wants to build upon and the one blindspot he plans to zero in on. 

What’s one new thing you want to start doing to improve your business in 2024? 

Having more in house training sessions with inspirational agents and coaches.

What’s one new approach to lead generation you want to start testing and implementing next year? 

Sponsored social media adds.

I usually just post organic content, but seeing the engagement on some of the paid ads we have been running for agent promotion has been quite phenomenal in terms of engagement.

What’s one way you currently deliver excellent service to your clients that you want to keep doing more of? 

The efficiency and response time of my entire team is second to none.

I want to keep this standard high no matter how busy/large we grow.

What’s one aspect of company culture you want to keep maintaining because it contributes to your success? 

Family style camaraderie and having fun with it. Friendly competition with high pressure is key for TRG.

What’s one weakness or blindspot you have that you want to stop letting hold you back next year? 

Not making enough time for targeted recruitment. I need to put more priority around this.

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