Garden Media Group Celebrating 35 Years of Horticulture Success Stories

Suzi McCoy and Katie Dubow Web Garden Media Group

Suzi McCoy and Katie Dubow; Photo: Garden Media Group

Over the last three and a half decades, the horticulture industry has seen many success stories — Knock Out Roses, Endless Summer hydrangeas, Costa Farms’ O2 for You, and Wave petunias, to name a few.

What may seem coincidental is, in fact, rooted in history. IMPACT Marketing & PR was founded by Suzi McCoy 35 years ago. In 1995, the firm took on its first horticultural client, The Conard-Pyle Company, and became known as Garden Media Group. Listed repeatedly as one of the top 10 public relations firms in the Philadelphia region, the boutique agency is a national lawn and garden industry leader.

In 2020, McCoy gracefully stepped into retirement while her daughter, Katie Dubow, took over as president. Dubow, passionate about the gardening industry, is delighted to continue her mother’s legacy and says that her mother’s decision to focus on horticulture has been a key to the firm’s success.

“Horticultural innovations move very fast these days,” says Stephen Orr, author and editor in chief at Better Homes & Gardens. “I’ve relied on the knowledgeable folks at Garden Media for decades to keep me up to date with new plant introductions.”

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Today, Garden Media continues creating and promoting lawn and garden rock stars. Past and present clients include Star Roses and Plants, The Davey Tree Expert Company, Costa Farms, Plant Development Services, Inc., Park Seed, Ball Horticultural Company, the Philadelphia Flower Show, and Longwood Gardens. The firm’s success-driven staff have earned top-notch clients from North America, Europe, and Taiwan.

“Garden Media Group has been an incredible partner and was integral to our success in the introduction of the Knock Out rose in 2000. When we were about to launch Petite Knock Out, the first miniature Knock Out Rose, almost 20 years later, we knew we wanted to use Garden Media Group’s expertise again,” says Bradd Yoder, President of Star Roses and Plants. “Their creativity, passion, and collaboration is unmatched and has helped us with major product launches to the industry. We are thankful for their contributions and wish them continued success for the next 35 years and beyond.”

Marta Maria Garcia, Head of Marketing and Retail at Dümmen Orange, worked with the team for 10 years while Director of Marketing at Costa Farms.

“Garden Media Group’s 35 years of excellence in the industry speaks volumes. Their creativity, dedication, and expertise have truly transformed the world of gardening and media,” she says.

Dubow is exceptionally proud of the caliber of clients the firm represents. but knows Garden Media’s greatest asset is its people.

“Despite pivoting to an entirely remote workforce over the pandemic, our team has grown stronger and more connected than ever,” says Dubow. “We pull together, excel professionally, and have fun – and that translates into amazing customer relations and magical results.”

Garden Trends Report

One of Garden Media’s significant contributions to horticulture is the firm’s annual Garden Trends Report. First released in 2001, the report spots global and national shifts that have a bearing on the lawn and garden category. The annual report has become a roadmap to guide breeders, manufacturers, growers, vendors, retailers, and media to where and how to meet consumers’ needs best. Click here to check out past reports.

“It’s one of our proudest accomplishments and something we love to do,” says Dubow. “Plus, it helps lead our clients and the whole industry into the future and enables them to connect the dots to be more successful.”

As the horticulture industry continues to flourish, Garden Media remains steadfastly committed to innovation, collaboration, and cultivating success for its clients and the green world at large.

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