From The Confessional: 'My Parents Have Gotten Weird In Retirement'

The Scary Mommy Confessional gets plenty of juicy gossip and funny complaints — but also the occasional real pearl of wisdom. And this week is no different. You’ll read about breastfeeding difficulties, how hard it is to make mom friends in a new place, bad-smelling co-parents… and then you’ll find one of the truest things ever said about parenting: “Secret snacks are crucial to surviving motherhood.” If you know, you know. Read on for the full roundup.

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If i wasn’t worried about how much time my son would see my MIL, I’d get a divorce

Confessional #81029878

Started going to weekly 6am Pilates. Feel like a new woman!

Confessional #81212930

Feeling terrible about my parent skills after repeated hour long tantrums with my 4 yr old

Confessional #81772687

I wish I hadn’t gotten divorced. Not because I love him, just because I need help.

Confessional #88192092

My coparent smells so bad it makes me gag and I hate leaving my toddler in that stink.

Confessional #81219301

My parents have gotten weird in retirement and I hate it

Confessional #81023422

I miss deep thinking. I feel like I just glide through the day now.

Confessional #81097283

It’s my anniversary and I haven’t acknowledged it because I really don’t care.

Confessional #87195583

Feeling like I can’t ever catch up. Laundry work kids. Something is always slacking

Confessional #81091286

Secret snacks are crucial to surviving motherhood.

Confessional #89010299

Some days I really hate breastfeeding & want to quit

Confessional #81772181

Alone. Moved here 8 mos ago and still haven’t found my ppl

Confessional #84876631

I want to quit working. Just had a baby. I miss my baby.

Confessional #87386955

I don’t feel guilty stopping complete contact with my dad.

Confessional #89120938

I want a break. Without my husband. Without my kids.

Confessional #81090292

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