From The Confessional: 'I'm So Sick Of Parenting My Mother And Mother In Law'

You probably thought parenting was just about raising a baby to become an adult, right? In theory, yes… and that’s more than enough work in itself. But plenty of people find themselves “parenting” their own parents — and, in the case of one reader, their in-laws, too. Other things on moms’ minds this week include life-threatening food allergies, the struggle to quit smoking, and the mix of gratitude and anxiety that comes with expecting your fourth kid under 4. Read on for the full roundup.

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I want everyone to get off my back about announcing my pregnancy. It’s mine to tell.

Confessional #31022249

I’m v jealous of parents who don’t have to deal with life threatening food allergies

Confessional #39133451

My dad is dying and I don’t know how to handle it all

Confessional #31039284

I married the wrong person

Confessional #38405913

I’m trying really hard to quit smoking but it’s not easy

Confessional #31042492

I love to parent my children but I’m so sick of parenting my mother and mother in law

Confessional #31021088

I don’t know why I follow ppl online that make me annoyed and are smug.

Confessional #31439482

I’m pregnant and scared to have 4 under age 4, blessed nonetheless, but anxious

Confessional #31039482

I hate that my sister in law is living next door to us

Confessional #30249458

Didn’t know you could push too hard during birth… I do now.

Confessional #31049583

Hearing people complain about their husband makes me want to scream bc I am a widow.

Confessional #38104928

I can’t stop buying stuff I don’t need.

Confessional #30494813

I need to supplement my income and don’t know where to start

Confessional #31039244

I hate my job and my boss

Confessional #30109923

My husband doesn’t learn from his mistakes and I’m disappointed

Confessional #32120293

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