Four Shirts Jeremy Allen White Could Buy Instead of an $1,000 Polo

The Bear is back, and so is Jeremy Allen White and his big fits. When it comes to suits, shirts, and sneakers, the actor usually opts for clean, neutral tones. But when he showed up to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, he decided to switch it up by going a little darker—and a lot sexier.

In New York City yesterday morning, the Emmy Award-winning actor was spotted heading to the Ed Sullivan theater wearing an all-black knit polo from the swashbuckling Italian menswear brand Giuliva Heritage. Made from a silk, cashmere, and linen blend (a who’s who of the best materials on the planet, basically), the polo was designed in the brand’s atelier in Rome, and handcrafted in specialized workshops across Italy. According to the label, each one takes at least four hours to complete, which is about the same amount of time it’ll take you to replicate The Bear‘s omelette recipe.

Giuliva Heritage

Teo Sweater

Besides for the elite-level construction and tony provenance, though, what really distinguishes this polo is its subtle crosshatch pattern. From up close, it’s slightly see-through, a cheeky little flex only enhanced by the elasticated trim that garnishes (heh) the sleeves, which allows White to literally flex his sun-kissed biceps like he’s pumping iron on Muscle Beach. As you might expect, JAW augmented it with slouchy trousers in a similarly inky hue, anchored by pair of leather cage sandals. It’s summer, after all!

If Carmy’s track record in the menswear arena is any indication (see: said suits, shirts, and sneakers), what you’re currently looking at is more than just a deliriously luxurious polo: it’s summer’s first bona fide must-have item—and, despite what Jeremy Allen White would have you believe, it doesn’t need to cost a cool grand. Here are four more to help your upper body flourish as the mercury soars (and you hunker down at home to binge-watch The Bear.)


Crochet-Stitch Short-Sleeve Shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch

Striped Stitched Johnny Collar Sweater Polo


Short-Sleeve Heritage Cotton Pointelle-Stitch Sweater-Polo

Banana Republic

Giorgio Linen-Cotton Sweater Polo

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