Foreign biker on Royal Enfield Himalayan stuck in snowstorm: Rescued by locals [Video]

India is a country with a diverse landscape. Tourists from within India and foreigners visit our country to experience it. We have lovely beaches in the South and snow-capped mountains in the North. We also have a desert as well as areas with lush green forests. In the last couple of years, we have seen a rise in the number of foreigners who opt for road trips on bikes to explore the country. Here, we have a video of one such foreign biker on a Royal Enfield Himalayan who got stuck in the mountains during a snowstorm. The foreigner and his biker were both rescued by the locals.

The video has been uploaded by Mike Okay on his YouTube channel. The foreign biker has posted his experience on his YouTube channel. This video is from a year ago. It looks like he was exploring India on a two-wheeler, and he was on his way to Khardung La pass. He starts the video with mountains in the background. It is clearly visible in the video that the road and mountains around him do not have any snow, and the road looks clean as well. He started his journey with proper precautions. Dehydration is one of the major issues that many people face on such trips. However, the biker was prepared.

Just 10 kilometers ahead of him was South Pullu village. When he reached this village, the surroundings changed completely. It started snowing, and he couldn’t do much. The road had black ice, and he even attempted to ride the bike for about half a kilometer, but the bike kept slipping. The foreign biker stopped the bike on the roadside, and he was soon accompanied by a couple of more bikers from South India. It was a snowstorm, and there was no way they could have continued. Soon, they came across some locals, and they offered help.

foreigner loading his bike

The locals had a Mahindra Bolero single cab pickup. They loaded the bikes onto the back of the Bolero, loading a total of three bikes, including the biker’s Himalayan. The bikers hopped on the back of the truck, and the local drivers took the bikes, along with the tourists, back to Leh city. The biker can be heard saying in the video that the weather is completely unforgiving, and it is impossible to ride in these conditions.

This is one thing about mountains that not many people talk about. The weather there is completely unpredictable. You may experience completely dry roads for some distance and snow-covered roads after that. It is always a good idea to check the route before starting your journey every day. Riding a bike becomes a lot more challenging in snow or rain in the mountains, as visibility gets affected, and the chances of tires slipping are very high.

If you ever find yourself in such conditions, it is always a good idea to pause the trip and return. If you have time, you can wait for the weather to clear up and resume the journey after that. One should always be prepared for such uncertainties or situations while doing a road trip in the mountains. The foreign biker did the right thing by not continuing his journey and asking for help.

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