Ferrari F430 Supercar Replica For Sale At Rs. 16 Lakh: Interested?

Every automotive enthusiast across the globe wants to own and drive a Ferrari. However, because of the super-high price tag, not many individuals can fulfill this dream. However, what if we tell you that today you can buy a Ferrari for just Rs 16.75 lakh? Well, you’d say that we have gone crazy, but that is not the case. Today we bring to you a Ferrari (not a real one) for the exact price stated above. If you can compromise with the fact that this car is a Toyota Corolla underneath and it’s just a little underpowered than a real Ferrari, then this is the perfect car for you. Here are the details.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia replica for sale

Recently, a Facebook Marketplace advertisement showcasing this replica Ferrari F430 has been shared online. It has been shared by Rahul Nanda, and currently, this car is in Vadodara, Gujarat. The seller has shared three pictures of this Ferrari F430 Scuderia replica and has provided a few details about it. As per the seller, it is a first-owner car and has done about 80,000 km. The car is insured, and the owner is also providing a PUC certificate with it. He has also mentioned that the tires have been recently replaced, and they are under warranty, and there are all the service records for the vehicle. Lastly, the listing mentions that exchange is also available.

How does it look?

Ferrari F430 replica corolla

This particular seller has shared three pictures of the car. The first picture shows the front portion of the car from which we can note that it has been given an extensive body kit with each and every panel being replaced. The car gets the exact same-looking front bumper, headlights, bonnet, and fenders as a real Ferrari F430 Scuderia. Even the rear-view mirror looks exactly the same as the real Ferrari. Other details that can be noted are the Ferrari badges on the bonnet as well as the fenders. Additionally, we can also observe a set of blacked-out five-spoke alloy wheels.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia replica rear

The seller has also shared a picture of the rear end of this Ferrari F430 Scuderia replica as well. From this picture, we can note that the car has been completely redesigned and looks very similar to the real car. It gets four circular taillights, a new rear bumper with a massive diffuser, and quad exhaust tips. The rear decklid has also been changed and now features a glass panel, which makes it look like a real Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The third picture shows the front fascia of the car. Overall, this is one of the better-made replicas in the country and at Rs 16.75 lakh, it looks like a decent deal.

What is it based on?

Ferrari F430 replica front left full


As mentioned above, this particular Ferrari F430 Scuderia replica is based on a Toyota Corolla sedan, which has been converted from a four-seater to a two-seater. This car has been created by Executive Modcar Trends, and the original cost of modification was around Rs 10 lakh. Most likely, this price was without the inclusion of the price for the donor Toyota Corolla. All of the body panels on this car have been created using fiberglass, which has made this vehicle 20 percent lighter than the original Toyota Corolla sedan on which it is based.

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