Fast and Furious style ATM robbery in India goes wrong: Caught on video

The Hollywood movie “Fast and Furious” is known for its car stunts and action sequences. In one part of this movie, the lead characters actually loot a vault from a bank and drag the heavy metal vault through the street using two American muscle cars. Well, it looks like two thieves in India saw this movie and got inspired by it. They decided to simply break into an ATM counter and steal money by performing a similar stunt. However, the thieves realized that the actions seen in the movie were performed by professionals and should not be repeated in real life in a very hard way.

A video of the incident has already surfaced online. The incident took place in Maharashtra’s Beed district. The whole scene was captured on the CCTV that was installed inside the ATM counter. The same video has been shared online, and it has actually received some hilarious comments. In this video, we see two men wearing masks outside the ATM counter. They have a rope which they are tying around the kiosk. The other end of the rope is actually tied to a car.

Once they are finished tying the rope, one of the thieves gets into the car. The other person standing outside then rushes back to the car and gives some instructions about how to drive the car ahead. After the instructions, the second thief comes back and opens the door of the ATM counter. The driver then starts the car and pulls the rope. His attempt was to pull the ATM kiosk using the car, like in the movie. However, there was a small problem in this plan. The person standing outside the car was holding the door and was expecting the door to come off.

Thieves robbing ATM

When the rope tightened and before breaking the kiosk, the door of the counter broke, and the person who was holding it also fell to the ground. It is not clear whether the thief was injured after this because we do not see any of them in the video after this. They did manage to pull the ATM machine out, but they could not take the kiosk or the machine with them as the police had rushed to the spot. Both of them ran away from the spot before the cops arrived.

It is not clear whether the cops are still looking for the thieves or if they have already traced them. The cops were alerted about the robbery by the security team that monitors the ATM 24/7. The thieves were definitely foolish enough to have attempted to steal money like this. The social media users who came across the video are actually making fun of these individuals. One of them wrote, “ATM na sahi ATM ka cover to mila.” They got ATM machine’s cover instead of money. Another user said that these must be making good money as they came to rob the ATM in a car. One of them even said that one must never get so inspired by the movie.

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