Fantasy football’s halfway point: Re-ranking the Top 12 players at each position

Welcome back, my friends, to Week 8 in fantasy football. Did we survive Week 7 Bye-mageddon??

I hope you did, and as a reward for doing so may I present to you… a bye-week free Week 8!! (ok I’ll have to work on a better name to call it) but you get the point!

We have now hit the midway point of the fantasy regular season. And as I’m sure you can tell by looking at your leagues, there are some teams starting to pull away from the pack; on the flip side of that, some teams are packing it in.

Or maybe you’re middle of the pack. If that’s you, these next three weeks are probably going to make or break your season and determine if you’re heading to the playoffs or watching them from your couch. Let’s be on the right side of that equation, so come playoff time our Sundays don’t leave us sitting with that empty feeling, okay? The last few weeks were low-scoring and challenging due to byes, injuries and just flat-out bad play, but I think we can expect a high scoring Week 8 ahead — there are some nice matchups and fantasy teams will be at full speed (minus the injuries). Hopefully your team is healthy enough to post some solid numbers and get the win ahead of another two frustrating weeks after this one, with so many big-time teams and players on their bye. That’s why I say these next three weeks are make or break. But hey, one week at a time…

Being that we are at the halfway point of the fantasy regular season, I think I’ll switch it up this week and give you my Top 12 at each position rest of the way for everyone to debate. Maybe that helps you with trades or how I foresee the rest of the season going if you have these particular players.

Off we go!

Top 12 QBs, Rest of Season

  1. Lamar Jackson (Yeah, I’m doubling down right out of the gate. I think we saw the beginning of what’s to come from Lamar and the Ravens in Week 7)
  2. Jalen Hurts (Been steady every week and has the high octane offense to go along with him; plus ,nothing beats those 1st and goals from the 1 yard line tush pushes for those sweet rushing TDs).
  3. Josh Allen (Something’s not right with this team, but factoring in some big losses on the defensive side of the ball I think we see Josh in a lot of shootouts)
  4. Pat Mahomes (Huge Week 7 numbers-wise; hopefully we see more weeks like that. His solid defense and run game cap his ceiling most weeks, however)
  5. Joe Burrow (Be healthy Joe! Let’s get the party started!)
  6. Justin Herbert (I think we were looking at a run at QB1 overall before Mike Williams went down weeks ago, but bad defense and good play-calling will have him at the top most weeks)
  7. Tua Tagovailoa (Keep an eye on this Tyreek hip issue and if it turns into something that keeps him out? Forget I ranked Tua at 7!!)
  8. Trevor Lawerence ( Here comes the hate mail… I’m sticking with my guy and I feel it’s getting close. Matter of fact, I was tempted to move him up a couple spots. I’m a believer!!)
  9. Matt Stafford (Those 300 yard, 3 TD games are coming with his Cooper/Puka combo)
  10. Kirk Cousins (This is assuming he gets JJ back in November. I think he will have a huge final six weeks with a healthy Jefferson, Hockenson and emergence of Jordan Addison.)
  11. Jared Goff (I love the offense. He had a bad Week 7 on the road but he will be fine rest of the way)
  12. Dak Prescott (Nice schedule, think he has way better 2nd half)

One quick programming note from your pal “Chrissy V”

A lot of people have been asking where the podcast with Nando went — we moved it over to Player Profiler for this season. Here’s the link to the feed (any follows and ratings would be spectacular, thank you) and the latest episode is embedded below. See you there!

Top 12 RBs, Rest of Season

  2. Travis Etienne (Big ranking here but well earned. Bell-cow in a good offense gets it done rushing and receiving)
  3. Saquon Barkley (yeah yeah, I know, he’s my guy — but see above for Etienne. Bell-cow back and the o-line is getting healthy. Big second half coming)
  4. Bijan Robinson (Last week hurt, but that aside this kid has all the tools to be a league winner in the second half)
  5. Jonathon Taylor (The backfield is his going forward and his RB1 season has begun)
  6. Alvin Kamara (the PPR LORD still has it)
  7. Tony Pollard (Hasn’t been great, hasn’t been bad….i expect big numbers in the second half)
  8. Breece Hall (Hand up, I faded him and I think I’ll regret it every week moving forward)
  9. David Montgomery (My, how quickly we forget. Will return after the bye next week and the march to 18 TDs is on)
  10. D’Andre Swift (Stay healthy, kid! In this offense with that 0-line and catching ability? RB1 season well in hand)
  11. Ken Walker (Solid back gets the job done every week)
  12. Austin Ekeler (I almost left him off because I did not like what I saw this past week. Think that ankle is an issue rest of year possibly)

Top 12 WRs, Rest of Season

  1. Tyreek Hill (Please let this hip issue be nothing)
  2. Stefon Diggs (Just so consistent every week, target hog with big arm, elite QB)
  3. Ja’Marr Chase (See above)
  4. AJ Brown (Putting up a career year in a big-time offense, not sharing with DeVonta, as feared)
  5. Amon-Ra St Brown (Hopefully those heel and rib issues are behind him; PPR monster)
  6. Keenan Allen (See 2 and 3)
  7. Cooper Kupp (I still think he is WR1 on the Rams; he and Puka are getting 70% target share to chop up. Plenty to go around)
  8. Davante Adams (This has to turn around starting this week, Jimmy G back!)
  9. CeeDee Lamb (Game scripted out of a lot of early season games, expect more of what we saw vs. the Chargers last week)
  10. Puka Nacua (Who saw two Rams WRs cracking a Top 12 list this season? Raise your hand. And sit down, liars)
  11. DJ Moore (Racking up the targets)
  12. Justin Jefferson (I still think he’s back Week 10 and goes on to do what he does)

Top 12 TEs, Rest of Season

  1. Travis Kelce (Kings stay kings)
  2. TJ Hockenson (Will see consistent weekly double digit targets in pass-happy offense)
  3. Mark Andrews (He and Lamar have their groove back)
  4. Darren Waller (Didn’t start great but its clicking now and will rest of season)
  5. Sam LaPorta (Clear No. 2 option in a great offense, Goff safety blanket)
  6. Dallas Goedert (Bad September, turning it around now. Will have blow up weeks)
  7. Evan Engram (Steady every week so far this year)
  8. Dalton Kincaid (This is my highest rostered tight end in redraft this year, Hasn’t been what I signed up for but last week it started to come together and now Knox is out for a month+. Big expectations here ROS)
  9. George Kittle (Too inconsistent for me, will have his monthly big game and then drop a 3-point game. Deebo back after bye caps him)
  10. Dalton Schultz (See Dallas Goedert; I think he will play second fiddle to Nico in Houston rest of way)
  11. Michael Mayer (I said it last week in here and sticking with it — despite an off game last week with Hoyer. He’s going to play a big role in the second half and if Raiders ever move Davante at the deadline? Look out — rocket ship)
  12. Kyle Pitts (Leaving the light on for you, Kyle )    

Hope you enjoyed the rankings! Let me know what you agree with or don’t in the comments.

Survivor Week 8

Snuck through to see another week after using Seattle last week. This week I’m using:

  1. Lions
  2. Chargers
  3. Miami


(Or so I hope)

QB1: Jared Goff (Monday night in the dome, Goff and the Lions bounce back. 320, 3 TDs)

RB1: Breece Hall (here it comes)

RB2: Isiah Pacheco (vs. that Denver soft D. Mahomes turns the reins over to Pacheco for 22/115/2 TD day)

WR1: Davante Adams (Has his QB back and playing from behind in the dome on Monday night? 10/155/TD explosion incoming)

WR2: Brandon Aiyuk (Purdy probably out, Sam Darnold locks in on his top target only all his career)

WR3: DeVonta Smith (I refuse to throw in the towel)

TE1: Dalton Kincaid (C’mon kid, time to show why you were a first round pick starting… now)

Finally, I leave you with…

10 Fantasy Thoughts as we Enter the Critical Week 8:

  1. How does Josh McDaniels still have a job? Baffling
  2. Speaking of coaches, Brandon Staley is coaching for his job this Sunday night at home, I believe. Lose that game to the Bears and it’s time to walk the plank Monday morning.
  3. Some really tough QBs to watch right now run an offense.. I’m talking to you, Derek Carr and Jordan Love.
  4. Nobody could give us a heads up that Bijan wasn’t feeling well since Saturday night and through pregame warmups?? Bijangate remains…
  5. It must be so frustrating having Christian Watson and Aaron Jones on your fantasy teams this year. My thoughts are with you all.
  6. This year’s rookie WRs are really starting to come on strong. Josh Downs, Jordan Addison, Zay Flowers, JSN and Jalin Hyatt all jumped off the screen to me this past Sunday. Scoop up Hyatt if available and stash.
  7. Sneaky deep league stash for those in need of running back help: Chase Edmonds. Activated yesterday and let’s face it, this Tampa backfield is struggling. Could provide PPR help.
  8. Full slate of games this week!!! Six teams on bye last week, four each of the next two… you go figure it all out.
  9. Courtland Sutton is actually having a pretty quiet productive WR2 season. He was a 9th round draft pick. Pretty good bang for your buck pick this year in drafts.
  10. If you’re the proud manager of the Mahomes/Kelce stack in fantasy I just want to know how good of a week you had. Probably still grinning ear to ear!!      

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