Fall Clothes for Men: 37 Wardrobe Upgrades Every Guy Should Have In His Closet

Fall clothes for men—remember them? No? What about layers? You definitely remember those. You used to wear ‘em way back when, before circumstances dictated that your wardrobe become nothing but shorts and tanks and slides, lest you sweat yourself into an early grave. Well, it’s finally time to get acquainted with all of them once again. Fall is indeed upon us, friends, bringing with it all the freaky and fantastic combinations your fits have been lacking.

The Fall Style Hit List

  • The Gigantic Jeans: Levi’s 550 ’92 jeans, $80
  • The Hollywood-Ready Suede Jacket: Banana Republic suede trucker jacket, $500
  • The Outfit-Saving Shirt: Gitman Vintage Classic chambray work shirt, $200
  • The Swooshy, Shower-Repelling Trench Coat: Percival waterproof “Sherlock” coat, $180
  • The No-Brainer Crewneck: Alex Crane “Campo” sweater, $165
  • The Multi-Hyphenate Layer: Taylor Stitch The Ledge shirt, $138
  • The Steezy Geezer Stompers: Paraboot “Michael” shoes, $425
  • The Beefy Corduroy Suit: J.Crew “Kenmare” suit jacket, $398
  • The Pristine White Button-Up: Mfpen Distant shirt, $225
  • The Real-Deal Hand Bag: Marge Sherwood Crinkled shoulder bag, $325

We’re talking plush corduroy trousers, blanket-soft flannel shirts, hardy jeans, slick boots, and everything else you couldn’t even think about during the summer without perspiring. Still not ringing a bell? Don’t worry—to jog your memory, we compiled a who’s who of GQ-approved fall clothes for men worth copping on the double. Memory is fleeting, but really big fits are forever.

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