Everything You Need to Know About Victor Wembanyama, Who Has Been Sent to Earth to Conquer the NBA

Tonight, the NBA as we know it changes forever. From the moment his clips from the French league started hitting the internet, basketball fans immediately knew that Victor Wembenyama—who makes his debut for the Spurs on Wednesday night against the Mavericks—was not some regular prospect. He’s listed at 7’4” with a silky jump shot and arms longer than a Judd Apatow movie, and so watching Wembenyama play basketball is a visually disorienting experience. Surely there’s no way someone his size can move like water, right? He can’t really block three pointers while standing comfortably inside the arc, can he? It appears that he can do all of that, actually, and if we’re lucky, he’ll be doing it for a very long time. (This kid, I will remind you, is 19 years old.) It’s always hard to wrap your mind around something you’ve never seen before, but Wembenyama is going to make us try, re-calibrating all of our minds one highlight at a time.

Before watching him play, it might not be a bad idea to familiarize yourself with what you’re about to see. Going in blind could result in sensory overload. Brace yourself. It’s not hyperbole to say there has never been a player like him before. These are the things you should know—along with some helpful visual aids—to lessen the shock value when Wemby does something otherworldly.

First, we politely ask that you just look at him

There is a hypnotic element to this video, which shows someone with extraordinary proportions doing very ordinary stretches.

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