Everything ‘The Traitors’ Fans Need to Know About Ardross Castle

If you’re hoping to spend a night at Ardross castle, you are likely out of luck. Don’t feel too bad though, because according to an interview with Cumming in The Daily Beast, even the cast doesn’t get to sleep in those ornate bedrooms shown. “How glamorous—you come to Scotland, and you stay in the Inverness airport hotel,” joked Cumming. Your best bet for landing a slumber party at this fortress would be to start planning a destination wedding to the Scottish Highlands. While it seems the castle’s only previous use as a filming location (aside from The Traitors) was for a small folk music production for BBC Alba, the castle is an established venue for weddings and events. If you’re ready to say “I do,” the castle can accommodate 41 guests, typically for two nights—though the waiting list may grow exponentially with the show’s continuing success.

Bits of movie magic are everywhere

Tartan wallpaper in the castle’s billiard room screams of Scottish flair and even echoes back to outfits we see Cumming wearing throughout the production.

Photo: Euan Cherry/Peacock

The Traitors’ production design team is led by Mathieu Weekes, who is no rookie to the reality competition show game. Having designed for shows like Squid Game: The Challenge, Love Island, and Too Hot To Handle, Weekes’s expertise is exhibited through the exquisitely curated interiors of Ardross Castle—which look like they could have been pulled out of a fantastical 19th-century themed version of the board game-based movie Clue. “The starting point for the furniture and dressing was inspired by films like Knives Out and Clue. The quirkier, weirder, and darker, the better,” Weekes tells AD. Textiles like lush velvet and distressed chestnut-toned leather and colors like wine reds and jewel tones fill the spaces and create a decadent setting.

While some parts of the set were constructed completely for the show, most on-camera areas are a triumphant blend of existing architecture and scenic builds. Ornate banisters and molding customary of the baronial style lay the groundwork, while decor additions like an antique globe bar cart with a compass design on its base provide thoughtful nods that only eagle-eyed fans may notice.

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