Emily Ratajkowski Is the Latest Star to Dye Her Hair a Fiery Red

Chalk it up to an identity crisis or just wanting a fresh style, but celebrities can’t stop cutting and dying their hair. Florence Pugh may have started the movement back in May when she unveiled her freshly shaved head at the Met Gala. She’s since shown off dye jobs in black, pink, and orange in the span of a few weeks. Madonna followed suit in June with some new hair of her own—a wavy wolf cut. And Julia Fox recently got in on things, too, with a new dye job unveiled over the weekend.

Well, it seems like another celebrity has entered the chat. And she’s brought along some freshly dyed hair for good measure. On Tuesday, Emily Ratajkowski shared snaps of her fiery locks to Instagram. “Gone red,” she simply captioned the post.

The length of Ratajkowski’s hair remained the same as did her signature fringe bangs. But the color of her hair was definitely a touch lighter than her recent brown and also had plenty of highlights to really make things pop. Maybe EmRata wanted to spice things up for the summer?

This is the first we’re seeing of Ratajkowski’s new style and, of course, she let the public know in her very sultry, EmRata way. The 32-year-old posed against her plush green couch while wearing a plunging black swimsuit from her line Inamorata.

The change isn’t all that surprising for Ratajkowski. The model has been willing to experiment with new cuts and dyes in the past. Back in February, she unveiled a wavy bob haircut with tousled bangs at the Marc Jacobs show in New York City.

We’ve seen her in pixie cuts, sleek ponytails, and wavy locks, too. And who could forget when she channeled her inner blonde bombshell?

Ratajkowski’s hair change might be purely for looks (unlike Pugh who “Wanted vanity out of the picture”) given the amount of styles we’ve witnessed from her. However, regardless of her reasoning, a fresh dye job is shaping up to be this summer’s hottest accessory.

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