Elliot Page Just Wore the Can't-Miss Color Combo You Should Copy All Fall

A couple of years ago, it seemed like designers took the antiquated style rule that black and brown shouldn’t be worn together and ran it through a paper shredder. We saw the unexpected pairing in lookbooks from every end of the fashion spectrum, including streetwear stalwarts like Stüssy, big-box retailers like Uniqlo, and even elite high-end outfits like The Row. (It’s no accident that you’ll find plenty of black and brown in our latest guide to fall essentials.) Over the weekend, actor Elliot Page showed up at the Toronto International Film Festival in two black-and-brown ensembles, further proving the stylish point.

Page’s usual promotional style often skews a bit more tailored. He memorably sported a Gucci blazer and crisp A.P.C. blue jeans for an appearance on Seth Meyers, and you can often spot him in big, boxy suits when making the red carpet rounds. (The oversized Balenciaga suit he wore to the Met Gala made most slouchy suiting look quaint.) This time, while back in his home country, Page opted for casual minimalism that still packed a highly stylish punch.

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At a cocktail party celebrating his new film Close to You, the actor layered a standout chocolate-brown cardigan over a plain black T-shirt from Gap. He rounded out the look with straight-legged Gucci pants, black shoes, and a Carhartt crossbody bag for good measure. Two days earlier, at the Backspot premiere, he paired the same base outfit (black tee, black pants) with a vintage-inspired polo shirt from Todd Synder, striped in shades of brown and butterscotch. Page has clearly found a formula he digs—and so far, it’s delivered two stellar fits.

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With fall now arriving in earnest, this is the perfect time to embrace brown tones in your own wardrobe. Brown and navy is as tried-and-true a pairing as they come, or you could give the slightly less obvious green and brown a go (better known in sneakerhead vernacular as beef and broccoli). But if you’re looking for a color combination with a bit more cosmopolitan sleekness, swap out the blue or green for black, and your outfits are practically guaranteed to hit—Page is living proof. Above all, Page followed the most essential fashion principle of all: If you break an old sartorial rule, make sure you look damn good while doing it.

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