Earthgang Are Getting—Believe It or Not—Even More Existential

Olu: Someone’s stream’s boosting, I understand that. But a n****a’s Instagram followers going up? That’s weird..

Do posthumous features bother y’all?

WowGr8: Personally, I make a lot of fucking music. I’m not going to be alive to see it all get released.

So if someone took a verse of yours after you died and attached it to a new song, you wouldn’t mind that?

WowGr8: At some point, I said [those lyrics]. I felt that. It’s going to come out however it comes out.

Olu: I don’t think it freaks me out, but like you said, it’s a fine line between “this was the artist’s intention” rather “than this is the person who is now in control of [their catalog].”

Talk about your nonprofit and what y’all are hoping to do with it.

Olu: The whole purpose is empowering small communities to have an impact on climate change, food insecurity, sustainability and things like that. We want to go to communities where we know our fans and supporters are and assist them with things they want to do.

Another big project we’re working on is creating a database for people across the world to be able to exchange ideas about what they’ve been doing on their homefront to combat climate change or community problems.

WowGr8: A lot of us don’t realize how many things we suffer from are based on local decisions.

The last time we talked about the org, y’all had started the community garden near southwest Atlanta’s Young Middle School. How is it going?

Olu: We had a relaunch and moved the garden [onto] school grounds. That’s been amazing because the kids can come outside of class and come right to the garden. They were excited to come out and get their hands dirty. The mayor pulled up. We’ve been having a lot of support. We’re excited to see what it’s going to grow into.

There are many communities in Atlanta that suffer from food insecurity. Is that something y’all were impacted by growing up?

WowGr8: Farmers market trips with my dad used to be a real thing. We used to drive really far to go to the farmer’s market. I used to always think about that. As I got older, one thing that stood out to me pretty seriously was you don’t even see certain grocery stores below I-20. You’re not seeing Whole Foods or Sprouts. It’s a very clear line of demarcation and I always wondered why.

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