Dua Lipa Looks Like Ginger Spice With Freshly Dyed Auburn Hair

Dua Lipa’s signature black locks are no more. In a photo posted to Instagram, the pop star showed off a fresh dye job in a very certain shade of auburn that looked eerily similar to that of another British pop legend, Ginger Spice (AKA Gerri Halliwell).

Maybe, this is just a case of recency bias as fellow Spice Girl Victoria’s cameo in her husband’s Netflix documentary is all we can talk about right now. But truly, down to the red, white and blue spandex look she posed in, Dua could easily pass as the modern, it-girl version of Ginger.

“Miss me?” she captioned the photo which was shot from a bird’s eye view by photographer Tyrone Lebon. In it, Dua gazes into the lens with her arms crossed as her long locks are strewn across the floor. Though many may opt to chop a few inches off when they change color teams, it seems that the star elected to keep her usual shoulder length style in tact.

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Celebrities are of course no stranger to changing up their hair color. But switching things up—whether it be a drastic cut or fiery color change—is straight from the pop star playbook. Look no further than Billie Eilish and Doja Cat who took on new looks ahead of major releases recently, or as Gen Z says, “eras.”

It looks like Dua is following a similar path to her colleagues. Prior to unveiling her new look, the 28-year-old wiped her Instagram account of all previous posts and changed her profile picture (which is now the shot of her new look) to inlays of her eye in a psychedelic pattern.

The star is definitely hinting at something big, which is most certainly her upcoming third album. Back in August, she gave T Magazine some insight as to what to expect—hint, don’t expect her auburn locks to be the only major curve ball.

“The album is different—it’s still pop but it’s different sonically, and there’s more of a lyrical theme,” Dua explained. She is also rumored to have worked with Kevin Parker of psych band Tame Impala but confirms that the album will not “alienate” her fanbase.

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