DreamCloud Mattress Sale: Take a Whopping 50% off These Sumptuous Mattress

How much would you pay for a better night’s sleep? Because during this DreamCloud mattress sale, it could be half-off of your typical going rate. When the time comes to replace your lumpy old mattress, you’ll need to decide if you’re willing to pay top dollar for a top mattress. Once you decide on a number, you’ll still have to choose between the dozens of a bed-in-a-box mattress brands. Like streaming companies, mattress brands have multiplied beyond all reason, but DreamCloud is making the calculus a little easier this week by offering 50% off all its mattresses through October 30. (You might see a countdown on the brand’s website indicating that the sale ends at midnight, but that’s probably just an honest mistake, right?)

DreamCloud’s flash sale lets shoppers save as much as $1,250 on award-winning mattresses, like the luxe Premier Rest Hybrid Mattress. Even the brand’s GQ-approved Best Rest Memory Foam Pillow—the perfect pillow for side sleepers—is discounted to just $66 for the surprise sale. In the past, GQ has featured DreamCloud products in our guides to the best mattress-in-a-box brands and the best pillows, among others. We’ve consistently rated DreamCloud as one of the top-tier sleep brands, and with a 50% discount, these dreamy mattresses might be squarely within your price range sweet spot.

For more GQ award-winning products for the best sleep ever, roll on over to the GQ Sleep Awards 2023. You’ve got exactly one week to shop the DreamCloud mattress sale, but you’ll have 50 nights to try out your purchase to decide if you like it or love it.

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