Dramm Research Greenhouse Shows Its Commitment to New Product Development

Dramm Research Greenhouse RenderingDramm recently started construction on its new research greenhouse. The addition to the new factory and headquarters will allow for easier development and testing of new products and techniques.

The new 2,500 square-foot facility will feature several cropping systems, from fixed and movable benches to hydroponic systems. Various water sources will be used, from rainwater and pond water to recycled and municipal water. Multiple water treatment systems will be installed for regular use and to test different methods and tools for best efficacy with different sources and water qualities.

Trials of the Drammatic Organic Fertilizer will be conducted in the greenhouse. Another benefit will be growing plants for Dramm’s lobby “green wall” and flowers for spring planting.

The new research greenhouse will honor Kurt W. Dramm, who left a legacy of developing and testing high-quality products.

“We’ve wanted a research greenhouse for a long time,” says Heidi Dramm Becker. “It will enable us to trial fertilizer and test watering tools during the winter months and continuously try different air flow patterns for best results, test drippers, and various irrigation equipment and systems. The most exciting thing is that we can grow some spring flowers as a benefit. I just wish my father had lived to see it built to completion.”

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The DeCloet Venlo-style greenhouse has a 22-foot gutter height and a 42-foot wide-span bay, eliminating posts in the middle of the structure. Biotherm in-floor hydronic heating will keep the greenhouse warm during cold winters. A Wadsworth Seed controller will manage the climate and allow remote access at any time of the day.

Completion of the facility is scheduled for early Fall 2023, allowing for the first crops and research work to begin this winter.

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