Distracted Toyota Innova driver crashes head-on into bus: Airbags save passengers [Video]

Distracted driving stands as a major issue in India, resulting in numerous accidents that highlight its gravity. One such incident involves a head-on collision between a Toyota Innova and a bus in Tamil Nadu. Fortunately, there were no injuries in the accident, thanks to the successful deployment of all the airbags in the Innova.

The video depicts a single-lane road in Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu. Amidst the relatively empty road, the Toyota Innova drifts onto the wrong side, directly into the path of the bus. The accident is captured by a dashboard camera mounted on the front windshield of the bus.

The driver of the Toyota Innova appears to have been distracted, failing to notice the bus until the last moment. Upon spotting the bus, the driver attempts to correct the trajectory, but it proves futile, resulting in a head-on collision with the bus. The video footage reveals the swift deployment of the Innova’s side airbags to protect the passengers. The angle of impact triggered the opening of the side airbags, while the functionality of the front airbags, though not visible in the video, is assumed to have also contributed to passenger safety.

The incident likely arises from the driver of the Toyota Innova being distracted, possibly due to phone usage while driving. This distraction likely prevented the driver from recognizing the vehicle’s deviation into the opposing lane. Although it’s plausible that the Innova driver intended to make a right turn, the absence of turn indicators suggests otherwise. The situation predominantly points towards distracted driving as the cause.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving ranks among the foremost reasons for accidents in India. Countless accidents occur due to drivers failing to maintain focus on the road ahead. Instances of accidents due to phone conversations or texting are not uncommon.

Many private buses in Tamil Nadu have adopted dashboard cameras, versatile tools capable of recording accidents and capturing road-related incidents. The recorded footage proves valuable as evidence in the aftermath of accidents or crimes, streamlining insurance claims. High-end dashboard cameras also incorporate motion-detection technology, aiding in documenting any attempts at tampering with the vehicle.

Investing in a dashboard camera significantly enhances road safety and mitigates potentially hazardous situations. Dashcams have played crucial roles in accident cases and have even exposed scams where individuals intentionally stage accidents to extract money from drivers.

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