Distracted scooter rider rear-ends a car and extorts money from car driver [video]

In India, the majority of the population still uses two-wheelers for commuting. The main reason for this preference is that two-wheelers are much more affordable and easier to maintain. However, with the number of vehicles on the road increasing every day, the number of accidents is also rising. Accidents can happen to anyone on the road. However, there are cases where people driving or riding carelessly blame the other party after crashing their vehicle. Here, we have one such video from Maharashtra, where a careless scooter rider crashed into the rear of a car and then extorted money from the driver for the damage.

The video was shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel, originally posted by one of his followers online. The video actually shows two instances. The first video was from Tamil Nadu, where a Hyundai Eon suddenly applied the brakes when a cattle crossed the road in front of the vehicle. In this video, a biker who was following the Hyundai Eon closely did not have enough time to apply the brakes and come to a stop. He crashed into the rear and fell on the road, involving another biker who was riding next to him.

The next video was shared with the vlogger by his follower from Maharashtra. The accident happened near Lonavala. In the video, we can see a car merging onto a main road. After a few hundred meters, the car driver noticed a cow crossing the road and slowed down to avoid an accident. However, he did not notice a scooter rider behind him. The scooter rider was not attentive, as he was looking at his phone and had only one hand on the handlebar.

Scooter rider falling after crashing into car

By the time he realized that the car ahead had slowed down, it was too late. He applied the brakes, but the scooter did not stop, and he crashed into the rear of the car. The car driver had installed dash cameras both in front and at the rear of the car, capturing the entire incident. The scooter rider was a local and was not wearing a helmet.

He was fortunate to escape without any major injuries. Things escalated after the car driver got out to check on the rider. Being a local, the scooter rider started demanding money for the damage to his vehicle and threatened the car driver that he would damage the car if he didn’t pay. The car driver told the rider that the scooter only had minor damages, valued at Rs 500, but the rider demanded Rs 3,000. In order to avoid the situation, the car driver ended up paying Rs 3,000.

The car driver was not at fault here, as the video clearly shows. Even then, he had to pay the amount. Ideally, the car driver should have contacted the local police to resolve the issue. However, as in many cases, it is easier said than done. The chances of the scooter rider damaging the car were present, and the car driver was probably trying to escape the situation without attracting a larger crowd.

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