Distracted Honda Activa rider crashes into a Kia Seltos SUV: Dashcam captures the incident [Video]

No matter what safety gear a two-wheeler rider is wearing while riding, they can still get into an accident and get hurt. Also when riding a two-wheeler or any vehicle on the road for that matter, being attentive is the most important thing. However, in present times a lot of people drive without looking on the road and get distracted by different things. The result of this inattentiveness are accidents. Recently another example such distracted riding accident was shared online where a two-wheeler rider was seen crashing into a compact SUV.

Distracted riding accident

The video of this particular accident has been shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh on their channel. The creator of the video mentions that this video is a dashcam footage of a Kia Seltos getting into a rear end accident with a Honda Activa scooter rider. He adds that the video has been shared by the owner of the vehicle and it took place in Jaipur Rajasthan.

From the very clear footage of the dashcam, it can be seen that the Seltos driver was driving in a normal speed on the road. Following which the driver then switches on the turn indicator which can be heard in the background audio. After putting on the turn indicators he starts moving towards the left. However, at this point a person on Honda Activa does not see the car and crashes into the back of the Seltos. Soon after this the owner of the car comes out to check the damage to his car scolds the Activa rider.

How did this happen?

Now careful viewers can note that the rider of the Honda Activa was distracted by his smartphone while riding the scooter. In the video it can be seen that the rider has his right hand on the handlebar but his left hand was holding his phone.and he was looking at the phone and not the road ahead. Soon after this when the Seltos driver turned right the order did not notice this vehicle and crashed into the rear end of this vehicle. Thankfully he was wearing a helmet and despite falling he did not get severely hurt.

What could have been done to avoid this?

Distracted Honda Activa rider crashes into a Kia Seltos SUV: Dashcam captures the incident [Video]

Now from the video it may seem like the entire fault in this accident is of the two wheeler rider. However, this is not true as the Seltos driver is also at a little fault here. We can note that the Seltos driver first overtook the scooter rider and then put on the turn indicators to make the turn. For some it may seem like a normal thing to do however, it is suggested that if one has to make the turn they should first let any nearby vehicle first cross that turn and then make the move. In this case the Kia driver should have let the Activa rider first cross and then make the turn.

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