Discover The Best Holiday Gifts For Every Kind Of Family At Macy’s

Holiday gifting is all about showering your favorite people with gratitude and appreciation. Of course, it’s tough to gift wrap the feeling of “love” (though believe me, I tried pulling this off until the age of 12). Instead, I now opt for thoughtful presents that celebrate my friends’ and family’s side hobbies and personal style tastes, which requires knowing not just my giftee — but also what’s trending (and where to find it). Luckily, you can discover the best, most desirable gifts for the whole family at Macy’s.

There, you’ll find a seemingly unlimited supply of excellent options under one roof. And instead of feeling overwhelmed by the options available to you, why don’t you just skip ahead to the good part (aka, nailing the holiday gifting game)? Flip over the cards below to experience the surprise and delight that comes from unwrapping exactly what your family wants this year.

For The Fam Who Streams Together

There’s nothing better than settling in with loved ones to queue up a beloved holiday movie — unless, of course, you’re upgrading that tradition with a few ‘Movie Night’ extras. Flip the cards below to reveal the cute, unexpected gifts that add major cozy vibes to this favorite holiday pastime. (Psst: These gifts are the ones that keep on giving, long after the holidays are over!)

For The ‘Deck The Halls’ Decorators

When shopping for the family whose real-life living room more closely resembles the set of a feel-good holiday movie, more is always merrier. You can’t go wrong with thoughtful decor finds that reflect the cheerful splendor of the season. Flip over the cards to uncover next-level picks for this family who can’t resist celebrating the season in every corner.

For The Festive Family Photo-Takers

This family’s favorite holiday tradition? That’s easy: It’s being even more photogenic than they were last year. The secret to their photo-taking success is all in the coordinating outfits, which makes shopping for their gifts easier than you might expect! Flip over the cards below to unveil the ultimate holiday gift for the festive family photo-takers in your life.

For The Playtime Enthusiasts

The importance of playtime cannot be understated — both for little ones’ imaginations, and for the bonding that happens when their grown-ups join in! Below, you’ll find four family-friendly games for kids of all ages that flex different creative muscles. From creating their own universe and figuring out how things fit together, to acting games and even a timeless building-blocks favorite, below, you’ll discover four toys every playtime enthusiast will love.

For The Bakers (And Taste-Testers)

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that for every household lucky enough to have an accomplished baker under their roof, there must be one equally discerning taste-tester. And with all that baking (and taste-testing) going on, there is a dire need for holiday-themed bakeware and accessories that are up to the challenge. Flip the cards to reveal the spirited finds every baking family of bakers wants to unwrap this year.

For The Fashion Fans

The most stylish family on the block is notoriously difficult to shop for (and don’t they know it, too). But you can win the gifting game this season by selecting classic style finds that transcend whatever’s trending — ensuring that each look matches its recipient’s tastes and style preferences. Flip to find out which timeless fashion staples make the cut this year!

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