Desi dude caught for speeding tries to make foreign cop cancel his wife’s driving license (Video)

Indians holding a valid driving license can drive in many countries around the world. New Zealand is one such country where Indian Driving Licenses are recognized, and many use rental cars when they visit the country. Here is an incident involving one such Indian couple on their honeymoon in New Zealand. The husband was caught speeding, and he insisted that his wife’s driving license should be suspended instead.

The video shows a New Zealand police officer stopping an Indian couple in their car. The officer asks the person in the driver’s seat if he knows the speed limit in New Zealand, to which he replies that he knows it is 100 km/h. When the officer asks him at what speed he was driving, he replies that he does know. The cop then informs him that he was driving at 140 km/h.

The officer then informs the driver that he is going to suspend his license for 28 days, and he won’t be able to drive in New Zealand during this suspension period. However, his wife, who also holds an Indian license, would be able to drive freely without any problem.

The man becomes worried upon hearing this and tells the cop that his wife is not very familiar with driving and lacks confidence. He instead asks the police officer to cancel his wife’s driver’s license. But the police officer refuses.

He then tells the officer that he is not confident that his wife will be able to drive properly. The officer then suggests they take bus rides instead.

Wife drives the car

Later, the police officer offers a solution that the wife can drive for a short distance behind the police car. If the lady does not feel confident driving around, they will need to take the bus. The police also informs him that if he gets caught driving during the suspension period, he will need to go to court, and his passport will be seized.

After much reluctance, he allows his wife to take the wheel of the Toyota Corolla. The police takes the lead while the couple follows the police car closely. As she drives slowly on the roads, the police officer mentions that she is sensible, and he prefers her driving slowly at 60 km/h rather than the husband driving at 100 km/h.

Getting a driving license in India is relatively easy compared to many western countries. Also, most people try to bribe the police when caught and resolve the matter on the spot. However, such lax rules do not apply in foreign countries, which is why the roads are much safer compared to India.

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