Demi Moore Isn't Afraid to Wear Fur, Even If It Has Four Legs

While the fashion industry still has Paris to voyage to this season, we’ve seen quite the interesting accessory choices thus far. There’s been clunky handheld fans and bows galore. But on Friday in Milan, Demi Moore might have just topped them all when she trotted along the ultimate 2000s accessory.

The actress stepped out to the Versace spring/summer 2024 runway show with her tiny chihuahua Pilaf nestled up in her arm. Somewhere in Beverly Hills, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s various toy-shaped puppies are nodding approvingly.

The handheld pet seemed to be rather tame (at least for the normally chirpy chihuahua breed) as it watched models like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Claudia Schiffer grace the runway. It appeared to be a rather pet-friendly event, too, as Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccoli also brought along a furry friend.

Still, Moore’s bring your dog to a runway move was right out of the playbook of nearly every early aughts star—like Mariah Carey whose dogs only flew first class and Hilton who wouldn’t travel anywhere without her puppy Tinkerbell (who she once called the “OG” pet influencer). And while Pilaf certainly made for the perfect front row companion, Moore spiced things up even further with the rest of her look.

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She was at the Versace show, after all, so lots of glitz is rather mandatory. But Moore’s pants took the sequined memo and ran with it—her skin-tight pair were lined with layers of fringed gold embroidery that flashed as she moved about.

On top, she layered a plunging satin blazer that also featured some pretty hefty embroidery at the side. However, we’ll let you decide what was more of a statement piece—Pilaf or Moore’s fringed pants.

Though Pilaf was noticeably absent from Moore’s fashion week round at Fendi earlier in the week, he most recently accompanied the actress to the Royal Ascot back in June. Because, where else would a legendary actress’ toy chihuahua be?

Again, the puppy was cradled in Moore’s arms. But this time, the actress brought along a yellow carrier for her pooch which, coincidentally, doubled as a chic crossbody with the rest of her pastel outfit. A day later, as she prepared for Kim Jones’ Dior Men show, Moore posted a video of herself getting ready with Pilaf.

In in it, she wears a custom look from the brand—and so too does Pilaf, who looked adorable in a sparkly pink bow. Clearly, Moore has no problem in bringing her tiny pooch along for glamorous events—and, even, for a day at the Louvre.

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