David Beckham's Impeccable Linen Suit Proves Summer Isn't Over

Summer may be over for some, but not for David Beckham. After looking like an extra on White Lotus during a recent Amalfi Coast getaway, the famed soccer player is now jumping on the Percival hype train to keep his big breezy warm-weather fits flowing right into fall. To promote the latest release of his sunglasses range, DB Eyewear, Becks reaches for the brand’s popular linen suit that’s been steadily gaining momentum throughout the last two years.

Eschewing a more traditionally clammy option such as wool or cotton blend tailoring, Beckham (dressed by his long-time stylist, Chris Brown) strode through cream-colored desert sand dunes in a breezy linen suit of the same natural hue. Knowing Becks and his menswear wants as we all do, one would assume this is a particularly spendy suit, right? Wrong.

Since Percival Menswear happens to be the indisputable monarch of linen suiting, Beckham has pledged his allegiance to the brand as part of his own upcoming eyewear launch. Quite simply, no one does mid-priced, laissez-faire formalwear quite like Chris Gove’s London-based label and, equally, nothing says “effortless” like David Beckham louchely strolling through the desert in a monochromatic beige ensemble. By no means the first celeb to reach for Percival, Becks finds himself in good company amid household names like Michael B. Jordan, Chris Evans, Andrew Garfield, and Kit Harington.

Sitting right below the $350 mark, this chilled-out lounge suit takes traditional Italiana in a new, modernized direction—all the while evoking a feeling of New York’s summertime. A time in which the saturated afternoon sun refracts off of the skyscrapers and when typically straight-faced businessmen cheerily dine on packed lunches, alfresco, in the local park… and now famous soccer players strolling through sandy deserts.

That said, though, should you not be a man of such neutral tastes, Percival offers the same louche linen number in a rich forest green, an inky navy, and a soft, icy blue. Extroverts can wear Percival too, you know.

To do the Percival linen suit a la Becks himself, do as David does, and add a simple white T-shirt and his own rose-tinted specs. Oh, and don’t forget the designer stubble.

This story was originally published on British GQ with the headline, “Even David Beckham can’t resist Percival’s linen suit”.**

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