David Beckham Makes a Strong Case For the Power Cardigan

Logan Roy. Mr. Rogers. The Dude. The power cardigan has a long and storied history in pop culture. Now, there’s a cardigan wearer whose place in this pantheon we must duly celebrate: David Beckham.

The new four-part docuseries Beckham, directed by Fisher Stevens, has made quite a stir since it debuted on Netflix. It’s a rare intimate look into the soccer player’s dramatic ascendancy, his marriage to Victoria Beckham (née Posh Spice), and his turbulent relationship to fame and the sport that made him. The docuseries is also a veritable banquet of fits, from Beckham’s ‘90s Manchester United jersey to a cavalcade of the most mind-melting Y2K couples style imaginable. (The matching purple wedding looks! The blonde highlights! The sarong!)

When present-day Becks is featured in Beckham, though, his personal style is noticeably more muted and mature than the flashiness we see in the archival footage. It’s a reflection of how his life, once a rollercoaster, has similarly settled into a comfortable rhythm. Now 48 and retired from the beautiful game, the doc literally opens with Beckham gently tending to his beehives. Even the glimpse we get into his closet shows a hyper-organized wardrobe teeming with timeless classics.

Similarly, the most notable look that he wears while being interviewed is a glorious knit cardigan. It’s a collared, cream-colored number with double-breasted buttons, which Beckham pairs with a chambray shirt and jeans. It’s the rare sweater perfect for both padding around the house on an off day, and for being interviewed for a documentary in which you must reflect on your entire life. In this cardigan, Beckham appears unbothered, moisturized, happy, in his lane, focused, flourishing, and—crucially—supremely cozy.

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