David Beckham Could Probably Be a Professional Closet Organizer

David Beckham has long been lauded as a style icon, but that’s not why he’s giving us closet envy lately. In the final episode of the newly released four-part Netflix docuseries, Beckham, the soccer star gave Fisher Stevens (the Oscar-winning director and Succession actor) and his camera crew a rare peek inside his bespoke, expertly organized dressing room.

Upon stepping into the roomy closet, the only visible garments hang on a simple clothing rack tucked into a windowed alcove at the back of the airy space. The pieces are, as Beckham explains, everything he will wear for the week, neatly displayed. Everything else hides behind unassuming floor-to-ceiling white panels, which are actually the sleek, minimal doors of dark wooden wardrobes that house the rest of Beckham’s clothing. “It’s all quite organized,” he says while opening one of the doors. A glow of soft yellow light illuminates the interior, which contains two hanging rails of shirts, pleasingly sorted by type and color. The sportsman explains the methodology of his organization while gently running his hands along the garments hanging on the lower of the two rails, careful not to disturb the precise arrangement. “Jackets, jean shirts, and then it goes from jumpers, cardis, to T-shirts,” he says, scanning the space.

Shallow drawers below are lined with neat rows of socks and underwear, file-folded Marie Kondo-style, as well as T-shirts and knits that Beckham himself has carefully folded and ordered in a “kind of color-coordinated” manner, he says, before revealing one of the best and most reproducible organization tips to come from the short scene: “Obviously I’ve put them at an angle just so I can see what’s under them,” he explains, showcasing neat cascading rows of slightly offset folded tees. Ties are neatly lined up on a rack attached to the inside of the closet door, while a row of jewelry hangs to the left, above a couple of perfectly lined-up sunglasses and watches.


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The scene ends when Beckham, who has talked about living with OCD, notices something wrong when he opens another wardrobe that holds his pants. “Someone’s been in here,” he immediately deduces, adjusting the hangers so that they are equally spaced apart.

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