Dashcam shows motorcycle hitting car head-on in a blind turn: Who is at fault here?

With the increasing use of dashboard cameras, we are witnessing more instances of motorists avoiding accidents. Here’s an accident that depicts a motorcycle rider with a passenger colliding head-on with a car at high speed. Who do you believe is at fault in this situation?

The video is recorded from the car’s dashboard camera. It initially shows the car traveling at a moderate speed of approximately 55 to 60 km/h on a winding road. Later in the video, the car reaches a blind turn, and suddenly, a motorcycle appears from the opposite direction. The motorcycle rider loses control and collides head-on with the car.

Fortunately, both the motorcycle riders were unharmed, and there have been no reported injuries from this accident. Everyone involved emerged safely, but the riders received first aid.

So, who is at fault in this situation?

The video reveals that the car was travelling at a reasonable speed of around 60 km/h. While the speed limit on the road is uncertain, it is evident that both vehicles were exceeding the safe speed limit. The motorcycle rider was travelling at an excessive speed, which caused the motorcycle to lose control and cross into the opposite lane.

The video also captures the startled reactions of the rider and the passenger. The passenger nearly jumped off the motorcycle. It’s worth noting that neither of the motorcycle riders was wearing a helmet, and this accident could have resulted in far more severe consequences.

While the car driver was also speeding, it is unlikely that he could have avoided the collision even if he were driving at a slower pace. The primary cause of the accident appears to be the excessive speed of the motorcycle rider, which led to the loss of control while navigating the turn.

Install a dashboard camera

The dashboard camera is highly useful in various situations. It can be employed to record accidents and incidents on public roads, providing valuable and crucial evidence when accidents occur and simplifying the insurance claims process.

Many high-end cameras are also equipped to detect motion and capture footage, ensuring that any attempts to tamper with the vehicle are documented. All in all, dashboard cameras are a wise investment, and everyone should consider getting one for their own safety and to prevent such situations.

It is important to follow speed limits and wear protective equipment to ensure the safety of the motorists. A helmet is mandatory in India for the rider and the pillion and it can save the riders from crucial injuries.

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