Cracking the code: Mathew Tiller on breaking down the Budget, solving the housing crisis, and what today’s market means for agents tomorrow

This year’s Federal Budget might contain plenty of promise and big dollar signs, but it only provides half the blueprint for solving the housing crisis.

According to LJ Hooker Head of Research, Mathew Tiller, the missing part of the solution is a finite plan on how and where to build new homes and boost housing supply.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, hosted by Kylie Dulhunty, Mathew offers unparalleled insights into the roots of the housing crisis, the impact of international migration, and pioneering solutions to clear construction backlogs.

He also reveals a trio of innovative approaches to lure private investors, enhance rental property availability, and secure housing for essential workers.

Mathew also advocates for bold stamp duty and superannuation reform, and how the humble granny flat could play a major role in the rental crisis.

He also takes a deep dive into current real estate market trends, prices, his forecast for interest rates and what agents need to do now to have a successful winter and spring.

“Until the government invests more into housing and providing the needed rental accommodation that those vulnerable households need, then it’s up to private investors, for the private market, to make up the shortfall and come to the party and provide the accommodation that’s needed. So if they tax investors out of the market, then there’s going to be a hole. It’s not going to solve the crisis, unless governments step up to the plate.” -Mathew Tiller

Kylie and Mathew also discuss:

  • 2:05 – Dawn in Dubai: How Mathew launched his real estate career in the dynamic Dubai market, and the pivotal role Tim Lawless played in his journey.
  • 5:12 – Decoding the housing crisis: The origins of the housing crisis, the impact of international migration, and innovative solutions to clear the construction backlog and boost housing supply.
  • 11:20 – Federal Budget breakdown: Why the Federal Budget’s funding promises fall short without a clear plan on where and how to build homes where they’re needed most.
  • 14:53 – Defence housing blueprint: Why the Federal Government should adopt a Defence Housing Australia-style model to attract private investors, boost rental property numbers, and ensure long-term security for essential workers.
  • 18:53 – The right-sizing solution: Strategies to optimise our housing stock, including stamp duty reform and exempting sales proceeds from the pension asset test.
  • 22:40 – Innovating secondary dwellings: How incentivising homeowners to build granny flats can significantly boost housing supply and use existing land resources for private rental market benefit.
  • 24:28 – Landlord’s lament: Why all levels of government need to collaborate, not compete, why landlords are selling up and what it means for the rental market.
  • 27:55 – Market update: Stay ahead with the latest trends in auctions and opens, high-demand buyer regions, and what current appraisal numbers mean for winter and spring.
  • 29:50 – Western boom: Why Western Australia and South Australia are real estate hotspots, with rising prices and a market outpacing other states.
  • 31:22 – Inflation and interest rates: Will the Federal Treasurer’s economic forecasts prove right? The impact of energy rebates and tax cuts on CPI, and the likelihood of an interest rate cut this year.

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