Couple seen romancing on moving Yamaha FZ motorcycle in Delhi [Video]

Dangerous stunt riding through public roads has become a common sight in most cities. In the recent past, several incidents of couples riding in an objectionable manner have gone viral on the Internet. Many of these couples were spotted and issued challans, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to deter such behavior. Here is another couple who were spotted riding on the roads of the national capital.

Motorists captured a video of the couple riding on the Outer Ring Road flyover in Delhi’s Mangolpuri. The incident occurred on 16th July and shows the woman sitting on the fuel tank of the motorcycle, facing the rider. The couple embraced each other while on the motorcycle, and the woman was not wearing a helmet.

Several users requested prompt action from the Delhi Police, while the police advised them to report the crime on the official Sentinel App of Delhi Traffic Police.

India, being one of the largest countries in the world, often witnesses bizarre incidents on its public roads. In a video captured in Bihar in 2021, a couple can be seen riding a bike in the most peculiar manner. Other motorists on the road recorded the unusual scenario and the couple’s weird riding style. There have been several incidents across the country in the past few years.

First happened in Goa

In 2015, a similar incident took place in Goa, which went viral on the Internet. A couple from Madhya Pradesh was riding their motorcycle in a similar dangerous manner, reminiscent of the couple mentioned above. Another motorist captured pictures of their reckless behavior, which quickly spread online. The Goa Police managed to trace the couple and issued them a challan of Rs 1,000 for their hazardous riding on public roads.

Thanks to the power of social media, escaping challans after engaging in such stunts on public roads has become increasingly difficult. Riding in the manner observed in the videos is considered a stunt and poses serious risks on public roads.

It is essential to emphasize that performing any kind of stunts on public roads is illegal, and violators may face imprisonment along with substantial fines. Engaging in such activities can lead to dangerous consequences for various reasons. Individuals interested in practicing stunting or creating videos should do so on private property, such as race tracks or farmhouses. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that such stunts are highly perilous.

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