Cops looking for men who burst firecrackers on top of moving Ford Endeavour SUV [Video]

The festive season is here, and people across the nation are preparing to celebrate it. We have Diwali coming up next month, one of the biggest festivals also known as the festival of lights. While people do burst crackers, due to rising pollution in many metro cities, state governments have imposed several bans and regulations. It seems like for a group of individuals, Diwali came a bit early. They decided to burst firecrackers and rockets on top of a moving SUV, even on public roads. The video of men bursting crackers has gone viral on the internet, and the police are currently searching for them.

The video has been shared by Zee News on their Instagram page and across various social media platforms, quickly gaining popularity. According to the video, the incident took place in Gurugram, Haryana. In the footage, we can see two black SUVs driving on public roads – one is a Ford Endeavour, and the other is a Toyota Fortuner. The Ford Endeavour has a box placed on the roof, which is actually a firecracker/rocket. There is also a man hanging out of the moving car. Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the person has opened the door of the Endeavour and is performing the stunt.

The Fortuner was following the Endeavour. Both SUVs had blue and red strobe lights installed behind the grille, resembling those seen on police vehicles. The cracker on top of the Endeavour started bursting, and sparks were visible all around. The video was captured by someone who happened to be driving on the same road. The box of crackers was neatly placed on the roof of the Endeavour. This is an extremely dangerous stunt. Bursting crackers in itself is quite hazardous.

Endeavour with cracker on roof

Every year, we come across several reports of crackers causing fires. In this case, the risk is even greater as they are performing this stunt on a moving car. The likelihood of the cracker box falling onto the road or the rocket crashing into someone’s house or vehicle is also high. The sparks from the cracker can frighten two-wheeler riders on the road and may lead to accidents. The occupants of the Ford Endeavour were causing inconvenience to other road users. This was clearly a distraction for others, and bursting crackers in this manner is also illegal.

After the video went viral, the police are actively trying to trace the owners or occupants of both SUVs. In this video, we can see that the registration number of the Endeavour SUV is not visible, which suggests that the occupants were intentionally performing this stunt. This is not the first time we have seen a stunt like this. Earlier this year, a similar incident was reported in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. In that case, the police managed to locate the car and its occupants. They seized the car and issued fines for such stunts on public roads. Similar action will likely be taken against the SUV owners if the vehicle is traced.

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