Cool Things Under 20 Dollars We're Feeling in September 2023: Cheap Style, Tech, and Home Goods

Despite rising costs on just about everything, you can still find some really cool things under $20. No, we’re serious. That Andrew Jackson in your pocket can be traded in for some excellent wardrobe staples, fruitful fitness gear, and homely home upgrades. Our monthly roundup of cool things under $20 this go-around includes pint-sized skincare products, a Memphis design statement for your pup, and a Carhartt lunch box that’s described as “having room for four cans.” Uh, pre-game, anyone? And once you’ve window-shopped this month’s picks, catch up on the 20-under-$20 picks below from previous months to enjoy an ever-growing cache of editor picks from Under-$20s past.

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