Convoy of cars including Kia Seltos, Mahindra Scorpio shower currency notes on road in Noida: Cops seize 5 SUVs, issues 4 lakh fine [Video]

Social media has become a crucial part of our lives, with many people taking it up as a full-time job. People often post videos and images online for publicity and fame. While some do it professionally, others seek attention by performing silly stunts on public roads or discussing controversial topics. Many social media users get influenced by web series and try to recreate scenes on public roads. Recently, there have been cases where individuals have showered legal currency from moving vehicles on roads. One such incident occurred in Noida, prompting immediate action by the police against the offenders.

The video, shared by Bharat Samachar on X (formerly Twitter), depicts a convoy of SUVs traveling from Noida Sector 37 to City Center, showering currency notes from moving vehicles. The convoy, comprising more than 5 cars, including SUVs and hatchbacks, makes it unclear from which vehicle the currency was thrown, given the distance in the recording. However, the person recording the video mentioned the occupants throwing Rs 20 currency onto the road.

This video went viral, catching the attention of the Noida Traffic Police. Using social media and surveillance cameras installed across the city, they tracked down the vehicles and took action against them. According to reports, the cops identified and issued a Rs 33,000 challan to each of the 5 tracked vehicles from the convoy. Additionally, the police are attempting to trace other vehicles present during the stunt. Besides the fines, law enforcement also seized five of the involved vehicles.

The Noida Traffic Police, through their official X handle, shared images of the offenders whose vehicles were seized, issuing a total of 12 e-challans. In this single incident, Noida Traffic cops issued challans worth Rs 3.96 lakh. The specific sections under which the cars were seized or the challans issued remain unclear. In the surfaced video, occupants can be seen hanging out of windows and sunroofs of moving cars on public roads.

These vehicles were being driven recklessly and dangerously. The police likely took action against the violators for reckless driving and performing stunts on public roads without prior permission, causing a nuisance to other road users. With the wedding season in North India, it appears the group was part of a wedding convoy, opting to shower notes on their way to the venue. Police department across the country has updated their ways to actually keep an eye on violations. They rely on social media posts and videos to keep an eye on offenders and often use it to trace the details. There are CCTV cameras installed in various parts of the city and they even take social media videos as evidence against the offender. However, it’s important to note that showering legal currency notes like this on roads is illegal, and concerned authorities can take action against those involved. This isn’t the first such incident; a few months ago, a person dressed in a “Money Heist” costume showered cash to the public while standing on top of a car. Similarly, a YouTuber earlier this year showered notes from the boot of a moving Maruti Baleno in Gurugram.

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